San Ramon

May 28, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,
We are here at San Ramon.  Our concerns for Annika’s ability to make it here after 9 more days in Maryland were extreme, and we felt that it was better for us to come immediatly rather than wait as her condition continued to deteriorate there.  Amma is our ONLY hope…

The story of how Anni was given a wheelchair, how we met a new friend to help us get to the airport in Maryland with our 15 bags, how they didn’t ask us a question on the airline about Anni’s condition, how Rishi and my dear lifelong friend Sarah met us at the airport, is all part of Her neverending tale of Grace with us.

By God’s Great Grace, through Rishikesh, we were able to find a brand new, clean, small 2 bedroom apartment.  How he found it was a miraculous story.  Through the generosity and grace of many of our ashram brothers and sisters, Rishi has made it very homey.  One kind soul gave her Air bed which has an automatic inflate/deflate feature.  Anni is much more comfortable on the bed than she has been.  The apartment is 4000 dollars cheaper than the hotel would have been.

The trip was very difficult for Anni, and we are just grateful that God’s Grace has enabled us to come now.

At this time we dont have any internet access, so it is hard to write more.

Amma lands on the American Continent in 4 days, and from today, we will see Her in 9 days.

Please keep up all of your efforts for Anni, and know that we are deeply touched and grateful for every positive thought or action ofered to God for her, as we wait for her audience with Our Lord.
Loving you,

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