December, 2008

Christ-mass Greetings

December 25, 2008 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,   We hope you have a wonderful Chirst-mass, and are able to pour your hearts out on those you love. Here, Amma was too busy giving darshan to stop and make a separate time for the Christ-mass eve program, so, it carried on, on the main floor of the Bhajan hall…I […]



Nature’s Responses

December 5, 2008 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family, Amma will be home day after tomorrow, rumor has it. Today, a spring like air came into the atmosphere here. The response of Nature to Amma has always been amazing to feel and see. There was a response in Nature for Anni also, I think we told you all how so […]



Survival of the Future

December 5, 2008 Link Amma's Grace

Dear Friends and Family: Long time since any posts.  We’ve been holed up in our room, weathering.  I finished one more semester of college (just 3 more – one year – to go) and with God’s Grace passed all the papers. The following article is one that I wrote for my Mechanical Department’s quarterly, Sanketika.  […]



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