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December 5, 2008 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

Amma will be home day after tomorrow, rumor has it. Today, a spring like air came into the atmosphere here. The response of Nature to Amma has always been amazing to feel and see.
There was a response in Nature for Anni also, I think we told you all how so many birds, big and small, seed, flower, fruit, and meat eaters alike gathered outside her bedroom window the day she left….
Its really true that one who is attuned to Nature, who is Natural, carries Nature in an embracing dance with them in their lives.
This is not the first time that the atmosphere has changed in the ashram prior to Amma’s arrival from her long absence…its not just the ashram, its the whole area…Of course, the people in the ashram are all happy and busy, but its the whole of nature….
This time, tucked away from it all as we are by reasons of health – nothing serious, just minor things that keep up confined to our precincts…I could still feel the change…spring.
Spring is a most beautiful season, and Nature here, is rejoicing that Amma is coming home.
When we first came to Amritapuri, it was on the verge of the bizarre turns of Nature….it was amazing to see how Nature was in such harmony with Amma here then. The evenings would invariably have a cooling shower. If there wre going to be storm, it would be during the night, and everyone would wake to fresh air….invariably, there was a 5AM shower, which if you were late for archana you experienced….the evenings were filled with sheets of golden light….
This pattern is very disrupted now…
I’ve been pondering about Mother Mary lately. Poor dear lady. Her son was perfectly healthy, he loved everyone, he was truthful and good, and she had to see him go through all that. Its just terrible. She was able to connect with him after he left the body, and know his eternal nature, and I suppose that helped her alot.
I had a dream where Anni came to us, and I was crying with relief to see her again. I asked her many questions, about death, about herself now, in it, she told me that she is always with me.
I just pray that all the fine strings of the mind and heart will tie me to Truth, so that I can be with her and be of service to her.
Link and I have undergone Nasya, and Ayurvedic sinus cleansing….Link did it first, and it cured a long standing problem he had. then I thought I should do it, and since then have little sense of smell or taste, and numerous other toxic symptoms have come up in both of us. So now, Link is doing the Ghee stomach cleanse – another Ayurvedic part of Pancha Karma, to help clean his blood….both of us apparently have unclean blood, filled with heaven’s knows what. They said it could be due to stress….During Anni’s sickness time, we both got what appeared to be a fungus, but neither of us mentioned it to each other until months later….anyhow, so, all this has served to keep us very internally focussed, we haven’t been able to do any of our previously regular outside activities….
Please let us hear from you,
Loving you,
Kamala Aunty

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