What Is This?

This is A Tale of Grace and Love. Right now, Annika (my sister) is being diagnosed with some type of cancer. With God’s Grace, she will get better. Please read the introduction post for a full explanation.

Annika has some strange disease which has been tentatively diagnosed as Cancer.  Apparently it has spread throughout her body on her bones and in her lungs.  Doctors have never seen something quite like this before.

Only God’s Grace can save her.  We need everybody’s prayers and love.  God gives us each one great gift when we come to this planet: love.  As children we give that love to everybody and everything; but as we grow older, we start to condition that love.  We start to regulate to whom it will go, and who will not receive it.

We need to learn to open our hearts, and not harbor feelings of ill will; to give the gift from God to everybody.

Thank you all so, so much  for your kind thoughts, healing prayers, support, and love.

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