Amma’s Housecall, and our call for prayer

April 28, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

We must be in the dark days before the dawn. Spring is going on, the baby tender leaves are all unfolding in their adorable cuteness, but we are focussed inside, on Anni. We can expect no help from the best and most modern of Western medicine, it offers us no hope at all…yet, we cannot sit idle and do nothing. We must apply our common sense, and seek to help ourselves intelligently if God’s Grace will be there for Anni’s full recovery.    We have not been able to speak to Amma about the lack of medical options.  In trying to help ourelves, in the meantime,  we are begining the Gerson Therapy at home, and a beautiful soul, named Shirley Tice came to help us from California. Shirley, 69 years, is very skilled in caregiving for patients using the Gerson Therapy. That we were able to have her come, was purely God’s Grace. 21 years ago, Shirely had breast cancer and cured it using the Gerson Therapy. She is a living tribute to the power of the principles that this therapy uses for healing all sorts of diseases by addressing body deficiencies and toxicities. Her photo is in the photo album.

Yesterday at 10PM, in addition to all the horrible horrible pains Anni is having, a new one started after her 10pm coffee enema. Right in the area of the large kidney tumor. It raged in her all night, and still rages….According to the gerson therapy, this could be a healing reaction, as the bodies immune system begins to kick in, recognize the malfunctioning cells that appear as cancer or infection or scar tissue or virus, etc., and destroy them.
We all got up very early as sleep was impossible. When Shirley cane down in the morning, I was in the kitchen getting juices going. It is a great blessing, that thanks to the Gerson Therapy protocol, and Anni’s own internal committment to leaning on the laws of Nature, Anni is kept well juiced and fed with highly vital energizing foods. Despite the raging pain that is at this very moment seething in her frail body, Anni makes an effort to drink and eat.

When Shirely saw me in the kitchen, she began to say,’ I had a strange experience last night, I don’t know if I should tell you or not, I mean, its not my religion, and I don’t want to upset anyone.’ (my recollection of her words) I asked her what happened. Her story was wonderful to us, and completely normal, given our understanding of who our Amma is. As Shirley seemed very amazed by the experience, she has never met Amma before, I asked her to speak into our recorder, and she gave us permission to put her story up on this blog. This is a verbatim record of what Shirley said:

“My name is Shirley Tice and I am a caregiver for Anni. Umm…last night when I went to sleep I had a visit from Amma. I wasn’t sure if I was actually sleeping, it seemed like I was awake however, I think I was sleeping. When Amma appeared in my room  She didn’t open the door, She just appeared. She told me that Anni was going to be OK and then She was gone and I didn’t see Her leave. She was just not there, and as she was in the room, the room was like, filled with Her presence, it was awe inspiring, it was a very strange feeling, it was a very brief encounter. I do not know much about Amma, I haven’t studied Her teachings, and I was really blessed and honored that She would appear to me like that.”

We were of course happy to hear all this. Shirley has since called her son, who exclaimed, ‘that shows She is real!’…..Shirely said Amma was wearing white…she didn’t get time to observe her facial expressions. We frankly, for reasons unknown to us, were not so blessed. I know why, if we had seen Her, we would have hugged Her and not let Her go….If  You come only once My Lord, like that,  I will never let You go…Never let You go away….

Nevertheless, I feel Anni is now entering some sort of fire.  I can’t take my eyes off of her for long, for I see it coming, and do not know how to make it less terrible for her, how to ease her.  I have not seen her cry so helplessly in such pain before.  Her gentle eyes look at me with an innocent wonder that does not understand ‘why’, and there is no ‘why ‘ that we can understand.   That Amma appeared like this to Shirley, to reassure her,  makes me feel that the next few days might make us feel Anni is in extreme peril.  From now until Monday night, April 30, 2007,  we ask you to keep Anni in your hearts, to cry out to the Lord by whatever means that appeal to you, to end the madness  and disease in the heart of humanity.  I feel somehow, that when such selfless actions are performed,  along with small yagnas- sacrifices,wheter it be through a fast, or any other form of vountary self restraint,  that all of us will benefit, and in that blanket of benefit,  our Anni will receive solace and healing…. We  need your  sincere heart efforts, in whatever way you can,  Sunday, April 29 and Monday, April 30.  That will be one full rotation of our  earth.  Oh Amma!  End the madness in Anni’s body!  End the madness on this earth, Bring our hearts to the awareness of Your Great Presence within us, within all!

God Speed us All,  Loving you all, Kamala, Anni and Link

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  • catherine says:

    I am in Tahiti far away from problems wars ect this small island is blessed by Gods after tomorrow we have my friends and I a meditation I will think of Anni and your familly Courage Catherine

  • Marina Angeletaki says:

    My heart and thoughts will be with you… I really wish I could do something more. I feel for you.
    love and respect
    Marina Angeletaki

  • maria says:

    Dear Anni, Kamala, Linkon,

    You are all of you so great, Do not hesitate to ask for as many prayers to fill the whole wolrd, it is also help us to become more conscious, is not only for Anni. Her trial brings us all together. I sent you all my love and support and prayers . I am very happy Anni , that you do this healthy diet and more happy with the story of this lady caregiver. Such an inspiration. Thank you

  • Chetana Benyamini says:

    Om Namah Shivaya, Anni, Kamala and Linkoln,
    My dear beloved sisters and brother, praying and thinking of you a lot, when I heard about Anni’s illness, ( when we met in Amritapuri) felt to start an one day fasting on every Thursday, for the well beeing, peace, and happiness of all, I feel in my heart that we all are part of this very hard experience and challenge of dear Anni, her pure soul tooked upon her to unite us all in prayer, contemplation, fasting and compassion. May God/Amma bless her and you both, give her the strenght to overcome this heard experience and lesson, and deepen her faith in God.
    You maybe know that Swami Shubamrita was in Israel this month, during his very successfull visit we were in Jerusalem twice, Anni came up in my mind and heart very very often whilst beeing in the many Holy places in Jerusalem, we prayed and light candles for her. I received this mail from Jani today the 1st.of May, but on the 29th. on Sunday I was again in Jerusalem with the film producer of Darshan who came to Israel for the screening of the film in a festival, and again we were in all the Holy places, praying for Anni and all. So you see my dear Ones, our beloved Amma is letting all of us know, joining all of us in prayer.
    Love you dearly, be strong, you are not alone.
    in Amma’s love, compassion and grace,

  • pranada says:

    om namah shivaya.

    i just wanted to let you know that i heard about anni through the ammachi yahoo group and am participating in a very small way in the tapas.

    on sunday i fasted for the second half of the day and kept lamps and incense burning, and did some chanting and prayers for anni.

    i am also doing the lalita sahasranama for her every morning through thursday.

    yesterday when i was chanting the lalita sahasranama, i got this image in my mind of anni, and then you who love her surrounding her, at the heart of a pink rose.

    when i mentally “zoomed out” the rose was cradled in the hands of amma in devi bhava, who was looking down on it tenderly and attentively.

    many blessings to you,
    pranada in toronto

  • Divya says:

    Om Amriteswaryai Namah

    Dear Anni and All,

    Shirley’s story is very inspiring! Amma is always with us! (If we all could just have that awareness!) There was a devotee in Santa Fe who was struck by lightning (about 8 years ago). After she was struck, she was somehow able to crawl all the way across the front yard and into her parents’ house to call 911 before she went unconscious. She said that each time she stretched her arm forward as she was crawling, she saw Amma’s arm come down right next to hers—that Amma was crawling right alongside with her.

    In Amma,

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