April 25, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

Pranam of soul to you All.

Spring has arrived here, with a burrst of balmy weather. With it, comes optimism. Desipte the grim present. We are so busy, trying to help Anni fight the pain, gain the nutrition….more diagnosis and results are in, this time from pathologists at Mayo Clinic…and again, they are indefinite in the type of cancer, with a poor prognosis.

It is something strange, that with each new horrible finding, each new shock and sinking feeling: like Anni has advanced state of cancer, like there is something abnormal in her mid-brain, like there is cancer on her liver now, like it is clear cell, then sarcoma, then TFEB, then…with each new heavy shock, undereath the sinking feeling that takes place somewhere in my heart, behind that, like the coming of spring, is somehow a feeling of relief. ‘Fine, you cannot help my daughter. Only the beautiful hands of God can. God Alone can help her. And God will!” Somehow, for us, we feel a relief. In the hands of medical doctors, we have no hope or very little according to them. In the hands of God, we have all hope. Our Amma is unlimited, modern medicine is extremely limited.

I don’t know why She has sent us to the Dr.s here. Of course, we see that many positive things have happened: the family has become more unified, there is the opportunity to be of service to my aged mother, we have become aware of the state of modern medicine and legal cancer treatment in the US – basically an experimental arm for the pharmeceutical industry….the approach of modern medicine resembles the modern society – immediate results of some sort, something on the symptom, instant gratification of some sort, but the larger, interconnected, interdependent picture, the course of genuine responsibility is neglected.

One of my great teachers in life, Dr. Joseph Elder,  a Beloved friend of all, and godfather of the children, came to see Anni,  during his recent visit to Washington, DC.  from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.   We were very touched.  He was only able to spare one hour from his busy schedule, and travelled over one hour to come see Anni.  From our beloved Joe-ji,  I have always been inspired to see the true purpose of education; to spread understanding, respect and mutual tolerance and good will.  Dr. Joseph Elder is a great light on this earth,  who inspires faith in the inherent capacity of the human individual to make it through the maze and muck of present day confusion in all realms and stratas of society, to go beyond the positioning and pettiness, to find a way to hold onto ones inner integrity, to find a way to offer the song in our hearts to one another.  It is Joe-ji, who has made Madison, WI the national resource center for South Asian Studies here in the USA….the list of his accomplishments on behalf of peace and human good will are numerous and endless…in his ‘spare time’ he also takes time to visit those on death row and give them solace….we are putting his picture up on this blog so that all of you can see his radiant face.  We encourage you all to learn more about him, and if possible take the time to see one of his many films on different aspects of Indian life.

In the midst of all this, the Gerson Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson, stands like an unseen jewel. The basic premise of it, is the manifestation of spiritual healing on the physical level: Dr. Gerson saw that all illness in the body was due to two basic factors; deficiency and toxicity. The natural and scientific therapy he devised, addresses this basic platform. My brother said to the Dr. were were consulting with about the Gerson methods, ‘ You must have thousands breaking down the door, if these methods can work so well.” The Dr. said, ‘Actually, no. The Gerson therapy is the most invasive therapy of all. It invades peoples lifestyles, and that is something people don’t want to change. Food is entertainment, we entertain each other and ourselves with it. No one wants to give that up.’ I thought about this alot. Its very true. Like trying to live a God-focussed life, we turn away from that which keeps us apart from Her in our thoughts, from feeling Her in our heart. We automatically turn away. The television, movies, newspapers and magazines are very boring, a useless distraction. I think this approach to Anni’s healing, is going to transform all of us who are working with her at this time. We also are happily giving up food for entertainment. I know it is what Amma intends, despite the papadams and payasam and savory curries and sauces served in the ashram. We should learn to make our food our medicine, and our medicine, our food….and its very hard, given that we are all, no matter where we ilive on this earth, literally swimming in the deep pollution of our waters, air and earth….and nothing, anywhere is pure anymore….I guess thats why our Amma emphasizes, that we keep our thoughts and minds clean, its the only place left to us, given the circumstances….

Amma has always said, we have to give up the taste of the tongue in order to taste the heart…we are all getting this opporunity to do so here….Its amazing, we come to the US, to get ‘the best medical treatment’ as far as the ‘world’ understands it, and learn about the scientific efficacy of Kanji. When the very best that western medicine has to offer shows us a worse than empty hand, we learn about the healing possible through very close adherence to nature alone, through a scientific methodology….not nature extracted, but nature alone….And Amma is always telling us, Creation and Creator are one. I heard once that Amma has said, that we need even the grace of an ant to know God. We know that it is the grace of God, through all of Her beautiful creation, through all of you, through the exercise of our own common sense and listening to our hearts, through our Amma, that our healing of Anni lies.

These last few days have been very tough for Anni. She no longer walks outside, unless we press and press her, and then, very short distances. She refuses pain medications, we are trying all manner of other methods to relieve her…the pains start worsening each day by evening, The nights are racking. She moans, and calls out Amma, Amma, Amma repeatedly when they are so terrible. She tries to get away from us all in the evenings, to be alone and cry, but, we cannot bear it, so, although we know we harass her, we keep close…the other night, she was crying, and said to me, ‘Why can’t I see the Angels? Why can’t I see Amma?’ Another night, I was also crying, and pleading with Amma to help her….when I exhaust myself, I have to turn to all of you. One of my sons, Karthu, suggested that we hold another day of prayer and fasting. He wants one every week. We discussed this, and as Anni is not yet improving, feel we need to beat the bushes, and raise the chorus to our Lord, the All Pervasive, again. Your prayers, your effort are truely selfless. I pray, most probably out of fear of my own pain, who knows.  Deep down,  all mothers are selfish,  they want their babies whole, and well…. I am a mother, and cannot bear the thought of life without the flourishing babe….

So, please, let us know what you think.  We need another day of prayer and fasting for Anni and the Heart of Humanity.  We have to act fast.  I heard that Amma said intense prayer can heal even the parabdha of cancer….somehow our sweet innocent Anni,  is like the flower of purity in all our hearts…perhaps that is why we all feel her pain so…and the cancer in the heart of the beings on this earth? The cancer in our polluted minds?  .I know that your love, your effort,  are recorded in some Great Book, that I cannot read or even touch from where I am.  We know that we need your efforts.   I know that all efforts help not only us, but our whole planet as well….we need to do it within a weeks time….let  us hear your thoughts, and we will go from there..

With all our love,


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  • Suppu says:

    i realy have no clue wat to say, all i know and believe is Amma will and has to listen to us some day hoping it to be the earilest. i feel fasting everweek wuld be great. and i am sure it will work wonders. i guess we can fix one day like thursday, sat or any day for tat matter. trust me best will come, the earilest.

    Amma Bless All

  • supriya says:


    Amma has said that our prayers and our innocent sankalpa will bring Amma to us. even though i am miles away from dear Anni, this is one thing that i can do to ease her terrible pain and suffering. Amma has also said group chanting and prayer can change anything….

    Namah Shivaya!

  • Udar says:

    Just pick a day. I fast on Thursdays anyways, but will change it to whatever day you choose.

    Glad to hear you’re keeping the faith. Tell Anni hi, hang in there, and know we all pray for her.

    It’s saddening to hear she’s in pain.

    I’m sure Amma is helping and listening.

    Aum Namah Shivaya,

  • Karthu says:

    My dearest of all dear ones,
    Please dont ask for people to show their opinions on fasting..
    Just order them to do it, coz they are willing to do it anytime you say..
    from now on we should carry on fasting once a week..
    please fix the day Kamala aunty, we have to do this..
    Anni will be cured..She has to..
    Much love to you…

  • Komal says:

    You are right. Intense prayer can move mountains, so cancer is nothing!!!
    I have never heard or seen Amma but i know for sure that GOD whoever he/she is does respond to intense prayers, and im sure GOD will respond this time also.
    We sure should hold weekly prayers and fasting.
    GOD is GREAT!!

  • kitchu says:

    Om Namah Sivaya,
    Please let us know when we should do the group prayer and we will do it most willingly for Anni ,for you and for all the rest.
    Love and prayers, Kitchu.

  • Anand says:

    Yes, I think we should schedule another day.

  • Amal says:

    Aum Namah Shivaya!
    This is a very good idea, once a week is fine by me. I had never fasted for a day for myself or any other reason. So last time I was a little apprehensive. Nevertheless I chose to try it, no food not a drop of water/liquid, for the good cause. The whole day I felt Amma so closely – more than during meditations! My mind was calm, receptive and focussed all throughout the day. I don’t know how much, my actions helped humanity but the universe certainly has given me lot instead! What miracle of Amma!

    Dear Anni and your near ones, through your tests and tapas you are serving thousands if not more. How fortunate you are and what a blessing for me to have crossed your path! Amma says so many things – but it is through self experiences and perhaps through experiences of others that we finally realize the truths. May Amma give you the inner strength and love to carry out selflessly all that have been divinely scripted for you.

    Joy Ma!

  • Atmaja says:

    Om Namah Shivaya All,

    I think of you guys nearly every day and you are in my heart and thoughts. I don’t think any words here can offer any kind of solace for the gravity of what you’re all going through! I am replying to your idea about a weekly fast and I think it’s a GREAT idea for all those who can. I can’t since I have a liver disease but don’t worry it’s nothing that will end my life, it’s just that my bilirubin is always unusually high and so i’ve been told there is nothing that can be done. It’s a genetic liver disease and apparently I showed signs of it for years that NO doctor told me about until I changed once again to another doctor. I kept wondering why I was having these “weird” medical issues that were always misdiagnosed etc. until one doctor caught onto what it really was! But for everyone else who can fast I think it’s a wonderful idea.

    In Amma,


  • sanatani says:

    Koti Koti Pranams to each of You, Beloved Family,

    Although I have not heard from you recently, please know that you are continually in my heart and in my prayers. I think that another day of fasting and prayer is an excellent idea. It is, after all, the only medicine that really works. I think it would be good to take advantage of the energy of the upcoming full moon and fast every day…maybe we could have a sign up sheet, and have people volunteer for a specific day, so that there are always a few people fasting and offering prayers each day of the week. I would also like to come there and do a large homa with as many people participating as possible.

    Please let me know if this is a possibility, and I can plan to come down and do that homa at your convenience. The fasting i can do at any time you request it.

    With all my Love,

  • Ammu says:

    Namah Sivaya!
    I really really agree with the idea.. I think we should definitely have more fast days…I gguess thats one way in which all of us can help…I think we should judt quickly decidewhich day it should be held next…Or if we are doing it every week, then maybe on Tuesdays(Day of Devi) or Thursdays (Day of Guru)…Please let me know which day it is going to be next….
    love u all…
    Om Namah Sivaya

  • Ambeka says:

    I cannot express how sad i feel for Anni and your family. i have seen Anni during my ashram visits but i have never spoken to her. I am praying for her everyday. I already fasted on the day previously requested by you. I will be happy to do it again for Anni anytime, and any number of days.

    Amma will surely do a miracle soon. She will not let her child suffer.

    With love, peace and prayers,


  • temba says:

    dear beloved family.AMMAs temba would love to unite in the HEART of AMMA and fast for HER darling anni and all others that are suffering.as a family united in HER we can do anything.AMMAs capacity to love and heal is not only UNLIMITED,but unlimited in us and through us.

    temba has suffered so much himself.he can imagine the pain that annis mother must be going through.tembas mother had to endure the pain of having her child almost killed a few times.please feel free to always include this heart in this divine participation.you can call if you need anything.if temba has it,it is yours.773-722-3247 AMMAs annie is forever in this heart………..temba will be at this # for the next week 641-472-6701 someone in the your family may need an unfamiliar understanding ear…love you…my beloved dear family in HER LOVE.

  • Komal says:

    You are right. Intense prayer can move mountains, so cancer is nothing!!!
    I have never heard or seen Amma but i know for sure that GOD whoever he/she is does respond to intense prayers, and im sure GOD will respond this time also.
    We sure should hold weekly prayers and fasting.
    GOD is GREAT!!

  • Ramana says:

    Dear Kamala,

    Anni, you and Link are in our prayers. We pray and pray and pray for Anni’s complete recovery.

    I’m sure you’ve probably already checked all this out, but I’ll say it anyway, in addition to Gerson Therapy there are many other successful alternative methods with a lot of research happening and with a lot of clinics, operating especially out of Mexico.

    Also, do you know about Kombucha? It’s a wonderful restorative chinese “tea” full of active enzymes, viable probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. G.T. Dave bottles a very good quality one. He started packaging it in 1995 after his mother successfully used it to help conquer breast cancer.

    I wish I had a 100% solution. As I don’t, please know that we are praying, and praying for Annika’s complete recovery.

    With Love from Us All,

    Ramana, Shubha, Nitya, Vishvan, and Nina

  • Divya says:

    Om Namah Sivaya

    Dear Family,

    I am not currently in a position to fast (I’m trying to gain weight and strength for hip surgery) but I am always trying to keep you in my prayers.

    I put my hair in a ponytail today and cut off about 16 inches and mailed it to Locks of Love, inspired by one of Kamala’s earlier postings.

    Please give Anni some space to cry and pray deeply to Amma! Take care.

    In Amma, Divya (now at my parents’ in CA)

  • sanatani says:

    Most Beloved Anni, Kamala and Link,

    So far we have had ten devotees from Amma’s yahoo satsang group volunteer to fast and pray each day from now through next Thursday. I posted a letter to the group, requesting fasting and prayer, and many devotees have responded with an outpouring of love and concern. In addition, the letter will be forwarded to some of the other satsang groups and I am expecting to have many more devotees participating as well.

    I am still awaiting your response as far as doing a fire ceremony (Homa) and puja at or close to your home there in Maryland. I would like to do it as close to the full moon as possible, so please let me know as soon as you can. I can certainly perform the homa and puja outside your home, it that would be less stressful for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    In Her Love and Service Always,
    717-615-9411 (cell)

  • gabrielle says:

    dearest kamala, sweetheart anni and linkoln

    im sorry for the long gap of response.
    here there have been many turbulences.
    my youngest sister attempted suicide and is now in intensive care, let us please add her to the prayer list, i am compassionatly at her side, aiding her as i can, though as we all know the will need be hers to choose life.
    in addition my fathers hip has slidden out of socket, he is also in hospital care.

    yesterday i went to take darshan of a womanly saint named divine mother, teacher and visor of many of my friends.
    it was very soothing to my heart. we laughed so much, one thing she said was that god loves pokering meaningly that you have to be ready to give up all, to offer everything and withhold nothing, that that which you most hold on to , is what is most important to lay at the lords lotus feet.
    i am hungering and longing for the love of our great mother, to ever more take gripp of my life, of my every thought.
    though i ever much so much miss the love of our goddesses in body.
    always i cry out , where are our mothers here, our sisters?
    where is the motherly hand and sister care that should be at my side?
    i miss you very much kamala

    i think also it would be an extraordinalarly good point to take advantage of the coming full moon, on the 2nd, itll be in taurus and , is the fullmoon of the buddha descension in the valley of WESAK in the himalayas
    it is an very auspisous moment.
    what ever you decide on , ill definatly be with you, in mind and ever at heart . i love you all much.

    to now what ive reed up on the gerson therapie sounds very inspiring
    im glad youve found your way there.

    (i was reading an article today in P.M from james gimzewski on Zytologie, the science of sound vibration of cells , and the distincton between healthy and sick cells and the art of recognizing sickening cells by their sound)

    …whos words can i steal to express my compassion and love to you?
    sincerely with you
    your love gabrielle

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