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April 9, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Dear Friends and Family,

Our Photo Albums are finally up!  Click here for more..

Anni & Co

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  • Komal Kapoor says:

    Lovely Pics…Annika you look so cute..and also everyone else looks nice…We are all with you. May God Bless U, Heal u and cure you very soon.
    Lots of love, luck, and good wishes,

  • Ambily says:

    Hi anni,
    My sweety am very confident that u will be out of all your pain in a short while.My prayers are always there for you.May Amma’s love wash off all your illness for ever from you.

    Lots of love to you Dear.

  • louise says:

    Thank you so much for posting these pics! I found some old pictures from when you were here in CT. The kids were so young then. In one of them Link and Anni were about 10 & 12 years old. I also have one of Anni when she was the tin man in the school play. She was so cute! Wow! they are all grown up now. And so beautiful!! Kam you are as beautiful as ever!! God Bless You All!!!!

  • Madhuri says:

    Thanks soo much for this photos….anni sis’, youre there just so sweet!!!
    You all lock so nice….we are all thinking and praying for u!!!
    We allready made some knew songs which we have to sing together sometime for amma….
    may God be with u all the time….
    lots of love and wishes madhuri

  • shyam kumar cn says:

    hi linkesh

    its me shyam
    we all s4me is praying for ur sister may amma heal ur sister very soon

    best wishes


  • Veena Venugopal says:

    Grace will shine through all dark clouds…..and bring forth…a beautiful bright day….with prayers…Namah Sivaaya….

  • Remya says:

    Namah shivay anni,
    its me remya,AICT you remember.We are always praying for you da.and will remeber wher we see ur friendsn in college.
    Happy that you can see AMMA soon.AMMA is there for you.

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