About April 2, Prayer and Fasting Day

April 4, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

We know you are all eager to hear about the Prayer and Fast day for Anni and the Heart of Humanity, April 2, 2007,  one full rotation of planet Earth. We are eager to hear how it was for each of you as well.

Here, on Sunday, April 1, Anni was under the additonal burden of pain killers. These pain killers do not stop or ‘manage’ pain, but they can take the cutting edge off of some of it. However, Anni has always noted that they don’t work at all on some of her worst pains. Last Thursday, after having consulatations with the Pain and Palliative team Doctors at NIH, Anni was put on a fentenil patch. I’m not sure of the spelling. Its this little envelope containing morphine that is taped against her skin for 72 hours, then changed. The narcotic gets into the fat layer of the body and is released that way into the blood stream… After Thursday, she became heavily sedated. To the point that she could not get up to eat or drink. When she did, she became overwhelmed with nausea. This is due to the effect of the narcotics. They make you totally nauseated, and they completely sedate the nomal internal movements in the body, like the bowel. To overcome these side effects of nausea, lack of appetite and constipation, other drugs are given. In a very real sense, the measures to control the pain become a great burden on the organism. As it is, Anni is very sensitive to all these things, which are targeted to a ‘normal’ or average research findings.

By Saturday, Anni was struggling to stay awake to eat and drink. When she did, she felt nauseous. Twice on Saturday, morning and night, She vomited.   We also attended the Washington-D.C. Amma satsang,  which was very nice, but Anni was quite weak, unable to eat, and we left early.  People were very supportive and loving.  On Sunday, having not passed her bowels, she took a drug called lactulose solution around 2PM. By 5pm her bowels were passing. We changed the patch as instructed, and she began to profusely vomit for all of Sunday night, and until 10:30 AM of our Prayer and Fasting Day, April 2. The Pain Team called in the early morning, and said to take off the patch. Thankfully, I learned about a children’s anti nausea medicine, which a friend brought from the store, and we administed that to her. Thus, by 10:30, the nausea stopped, and Anni began slowly to drink. She took one more of the hydro-morphone pills, and it sedated her. She then decided not to take any more of the narcotics. Since then, she has improved greatly in eating, drinking, passing bowels, etc. She is more alert, and can communicate to us what is happening. She still takes the other medications for nausea, and ibuprofen for the bone pain.

As a result of this aspect of April 2, we are looking into other methods to deal with the pain. Before I discuss that, I wanted to tell you about the spiritual aspect of April 2. Of course, we cannot discuss everything. The ways of the heart are too deep and mysterious to clothe in words, but, I must say some things.

You won’t believe it, but on Sunday night itself, here, which would have been Monday early morning in India, I literally saw flashes of light coming through the walls into the room. I saw the flashes going on continually outside the room through the window. It was like multiple and continuous camera flashes. Now, I’m not a person, who ‘sees’ these things. I prefer to think I am more practical and down to earth. But there it was. I knew it was because of the prayers going on in India for Anni. Nonetheless, I didn’t have much time to concentrate on it, due to the vomitting and pain that Anni was experiencing.

Monday, we got a call from our friends in Pune, who told us that a man had come to them and said that if I, the mother, would offer prayers to Anni at a Christian Church one mile from my home, it would help. We looked on google , and found a Lutheran Church near by. In the evening, around dusk time, Link and I went, with Uncle Jeff, as Anni was too tired from all the vomitting, and had just begun to keep liquids down.

Amazingly, the whole Church was open. We went in, and thankfully, saw no one, but were able to walk right into the sanctuary – where people sing bhajans, pray and listen to satsangs – and no one else was there either. Sometimes, it is hard to talk with people. I don’t like hearing myself say, ‘My daughter has an advanced state of cancer”. How can She get better if I keep having to think that? It was a kind of blue-ish green-ish room, with blue curtains. There was a pit of sand near the entrance. I wrote OM and Anni in the sand. It took me a minute to find the cross. Link and I sat on the floor near the Cross, and Uncle Jeff took a chair. We pranaamed . A state of deep and intense concentration came over me. I felt like I was in the presence of several beings, Perhaps I should not say too much, but I remember, that Amma has always said, the Guru is greater than God.

I remember a story She told once: There was a time that Sage Narada was strolling about on the earth, checking out the happiness and concerns of the earth beings. In the course of his travels, he came accross a couple that longed to have children. They beseeched him to ask Lord Vishnu ito bless them with children. He agreed, and made a mental note of the situation, the couple, details, location, impressions, etc. He continued touring. Just as he was begining to feel deep pangs of seperation, and had decided to end his earth visit, he came accross another couple, who were also childless , and begged him to intercede with Vishnu on their behalf. He listened with wonder and sympathy, and added their plea to his collection of mental notes and left. Once he was happily esconsced at the Feet of the Lord, drunk with the bliss of looking at him and being saturated with his presence, the Lord asked him for his report. Narada began speaking, and when he got to the first childless couple, The Lord blinked. Narada smiled to himself, thinking of their impending joy. When he concluded his reports with the second childless couple, the Lord’s countenance took on a dark look, and He said, “Those people! No way. They will not have children in this life. They abused their children in their past life, messed up their minds, made their lives hell, beat them continually….they don’t get children this life.’ Narada heard it all serenely, and began to strum his tamboora and sing to the Lord. After a few years, the Lord said, ‘Narada, go, take a tour, see how the people are, I am hearing calls of sufferings.’ Again, Narada went down to earth. He came accross the first couple, who had small children crawling all over them, in a lovely family pattern, filled with love and joy. They thanked him for his intercession. Near the end of his tour he found the other couple, and seeing their house off in the field, braced himself for the bad news he had to tell them – No children, this life. As he got close to the house he saw three children frolicking about. He asked them who their parents were. From them, he understood they were the children of the luckless couple. He went up to the house in some steam, and asked, ‘how did you get children?’ The beaming and happy couple told him, A few months afther you left, a revered Saint passed this way, and gave us his blessing to have kids! And so…” “Narada went back to Lord Vishnu. As soon as he got the opportunity he asked, “My Lord, How come those people got kids when You said, No Way?” The Lord said, “how did they say they got them?| Narada said, “Their Guru blessed them.” “Ah,” replied the Lord, “I am powerless in the face of the will of My Saints.”

So, while I cannot really describe what seemed to be going on in the Church, I know that Amma is Our refuge. I remember once, in Chennai, outside Her room, I somehow saw Her, and ran and pranaamed at Her feet. She was talking to someone. Her mantle – half-sari shawl piece fell over my head. I had the most profound and comforting feeling of security, and knew what it must feel like being a little chick under a Mother Hen…Sigh. Those were our glory days with You, my Lord, to sweep and mop and ever think of Your feet, hands, eyes, nose, with Glad and Joyous hearts. Surely, Joy should have a place in this world, is it not? Surely, Joy can help to lift the darkness here….Surely joy has a role in bringing balance and dharma? Our greatest Joy has always been to be united in offering small services to You….Surely, You will be pleased to receive them again?

We learned of many people who fasted some of whom I was convinced were conplete atheists.  I know that everyones effort has made an impact on the ether it must have, otherwise we live in a stone universe, and that is not so…For me, Anni’s eyes look better,  the sedated look is gone.  The pain keeps her restless, as she is unable to be comfortable in any position….Today, Tuesday,  She has eaten almost normally:  a bowl of oatmeal, fresh squeezed carrot juice,  milk, a gatorade – which has electrolytes – a product called ‘boost’ which is high calorie and protein and nutrition drink,  a 1/2 veggie cheeze sandwich, etc.  If She can eat a little something more, and a little more after that, I will feel better…as I write this, she has just now gone to rest.  The pain was very bad last night, for some reason, it is really wicked bad around 3AM onwards in the mornings…and She had tried walking, massage, sleeping in the chair,  the floor, etc. So didn’t sleep much last night.

So, that was our Day of Prayer and Fasting, which for us, ended after Anni ate on April 3.  I don’t know if we are through it yet, but for certain, there was a headway.  I remember, at the Ashram, in all the Ayurveda treatments,  it starts with a Purge.  Well, Anni purged from Sunday till Monday morning,  and we are on a new leaf, as we strive to do without the heavey narcotics.  Link has noticed that she has more will power since the Prayer Day.

Tuesday night, Dr. Phil, a Naturopath and Chiropractor, whom we met at the Satsang came by with a friend, Lalita.  Phil had lost his wife to Cancer last November.  Both of them worked on Anni energetically, and aterwards, Anni was able to get up off the couch without assistance, and walk more normally.  They recommended Castor Oil, and Vitamin C Therapy which has been found very helpful in some cancers.  We did  the Castor Oil pack on Anni, which she found to help a little.  It is all Her Grace, as one door closes for us, another opens…  Anyhow,  lets not give up,  lets all keep trying.

For those who are internet familiar, there is a thread on orkut.com in the Amma/Mata Amritanadamayi Devi community  entitled:  Urgent prayers needed for saving life of Amma’s Child.  To access this, you have to have an orkut account.  Those are findable at www.orkut.com

Hopefully we will soon have a photo gallery up  on this site with photos of Anni.

Our hearts are One in Her,

Loving You all, Kamala, Anni  and Link

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  • Ananya says:

    Hello Anni, Kamala, and Link,
    Some of my students have made cards for Anni. We are at a Catholic school, but interestingly enough, the first student who showed me her card had drawn a flower on the front that looks like a lotus flower, and I have not told the students anything about Mother. The students want to send the cards to Anni. Is there a way for us to do that?
    God Bless,

  • umasriram says:

    Hello Anni, Kamala and link,
    As Ammas devottee I happened to hear of Anni and the site. It was on April 3rd. I was late for the joint fast. Nevertheless I am doing my bit now. I am very happy to hear of the progress and signs of grace . I strongly feel she will come out of it.
    I wanted to share a certain knowledge and experience as a healer. I hope it means something to you. I understand that when the co2 carbondioxide content increases in the body the cells in the body begin to behave like plant cells (as plant cells thrive on co2) and start multiplying. By increasing the supply of oxygen through oxy therapy( monitored by doctors) remission is possible. I have heard my client who suffered from leukemia got over by oxy therapy and Ayurveda and doses of Magnesium.
    Think about it ! Oxygen is the life supporter at the physical level just as prana is at the subtler. My prayers for Anni and family.
    Ammas Child

  • Ashwani says:

    People who know how to fight out their problems are the ones who come out wth flying colours… And I believe Annika is one of dem… She doesn’t need pity… All she needs is lots of love, blessings n self belief…
    Just wanted to say dat d age old proverb “God help those who help demselves” hv been proved time n again since eternity… And I believe very strongly dat there’s an almighty… He wud definitely help dis luvly soul… May god bless her…
    “Keep d faith – the one sitting above is very charismatic n trust u me I hv experienced dat…… ”
    Regards… Ashwani…

  • maria says:

    Dear Anni,

    all joint in the fasting day, you have everybodys thoughts. I hear that you are suffering a lot physically, …I am very sorry.
    I wish I was there to massage you little bit. You are very strong
    girl. I love you.Everybody sends his love to you

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