Our Amma is in Mananthavati

March 19, 2009 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family, 

Our Amma is now in Mananthavati, a place that is very special to Anni, Link and I…its in the great Western Ghats, the highlands of Kerala…the nights and mornings are cool and crisp, the days hot and dry…the program takes place in the Amrita Vidyalayam School building there, on a hill top, surrounded by other hill tops, all dressed in swaths of differing shades of Green…huge plantings of Banana, coffee, cocoa…the wide banana leaves, and their particular shades of green, and turning under leafs in mass have a beautiful visual effect, seen from a distance…on one hill, one sees a Christian cross…there is a feeling of the Great Unity in Diversity that is Sanathana Dharma…At night cool mists roll in, everything becomes quiet.  the morning light lifts the cooling clouds away…we had lots of adventures there, someday we will share them…we were there also when Amma inaugerated their Brahmasthanam….we worked in the juice stall there…I remember the people were so poor most could not afford the
juices, and we had light work…I remember also, that Amma had sent out word to reduce the cost of the juices….

Amma once said the place is Ananda-vati, the ananda meaning bliss, instead of  the original name, Mananthavadi.

The people of Mananthavadi are poor and pious.  they come about 30 thousand thick.  Probably more now, we haven’t been there since 2006, and the crowds around Amma are only swelling up by the thousands upon thousands….

It is the only place I have been on tour with Amma where, when Amma starts to speak, the entire crowd, including babies, is completely silent, listening intently…to the words of the One who is so intimately dear to each of them…

For this simple respect and reverence, I love Mananthavadi…for this, your great respect to our common Truth, we love Thee, O Ananda-vati!

We made one song in honor of the spirit here, which has evolved over the years with input from many, into a beautiful song, it will be on Anni’s Album, Ammu is singing it..you may recall, she called Anni and sang to her over the phone 2 days before she left the form…

Can such a thing have happened?

How is it, I even say this?

gotta go…

Loving you, 

Kamala Aunty

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