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March 3, 2009 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

When the heart says, ‘speak!’  I think its good to respond.  Link and I are truly blessed in that our little family includes so many.  There is much that I have intended to write about, Lasya Priyan, the Tommy Cat who has entered our lives, skeek, velvet and black, with subtle stripes ( I had a dream he was a Royal White Bengal Tiger with black stripes, only Amma knows who and what is in the ashram!) and all the things he has taught us, our rejoicings on President Obama, our angst for the slavery situation in India….700 million people….We are realizing more and more that we live and particpate in a slave holding society, although the word ‘slave’ has been covered up with socially respectable niceties, economically disadvantaged, scheduled castes, tribal, dalits, dalit christians, and the biggest one, WORKER….its very painful….Bharat Mata….At times I feel like running to the nearedst social movement for human rights….and there are many, they aren’t far away…by Grace, I hope they are soon
everywhere, all around….since we came the price of milk has gone up almost 250%.  But the old man who poles the boat accross the water, dressed almost in rags now, still gets the same rate of 1 rupee per person.  Don’t know how he gets milk for the family….I was trying to figure that out when it was Rs. 4.50 per “500”ml ( ”  ” because we measured it, and its never the full 500 ml…)

We ardently pray for the day when the de-humanized Worker in India, if under 30 years of age, will be given education and training for 1/2 the day that enables them to possess some skills so that they can be more  independent, when their salaries are enough that they can save for their days of sickness and old age, when they are given a cot to sleep on, a place to keep their things, and housing worthy of their souls….When all the ones under 18, and yes, there are so many under 18, conditions are tough, families are desperate….We pray for the day, that every possible consideration for the safety of their eyes, ears and limbs will be gladly enforced in their laboring environments….we pray that they will be taught to read and write, meaningful things, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  for the day when they will have some chance to advance themselves….when, if they come to a place of culture, like an ashram,  or a university or school, they will be taught something –  bhajans,  given
instruments, taught how to play them, have satsangs, etc. that will enrich their lives, the lives of their families and villages they come from and return to…When their hours of work allow them time also, to seek Truth in their leisure…when they can have access to good bathrooms….

Oh, its very painful, and we are all responsible….living in the buildings they have built…walking on the roads and paths, brdges,  they have made, eating the food tended by them….the best years of their lives and physical health  are gone to the daily wage labor, with nothing to show for it, but early bad backs, terrible eye problems, sickness….for this also, we seek your prayers….

But, time has run over us, and now we also seek your prayers for a little one who is really my Alpine Princess from Switzerland.  Her name is Gabrielle, and like the namesake, she is an extraordinary little being, with exceptional discerning wisdoms….She came to the ashram 4 years ago, when she was only 17…I don’t know how she did it, but she did.  She travelled India alone at that time…We were fortunate to meet her, and within a few moments, knew she was our very own.  Born just between Link and Anni, our hearts brimmed with happiness to feel her in our nest….she and Anni worked together on one mosaic that was meant to be deepams,  to light Amma’s path with love when she walked to and from Bhajans,  but they look also a bit like boats….In the last few years she has been studying in Switzerland to be a teacher in the Steiner system of education.  Like Anni, she is automatically and dearly loved by small children….

At this time, she is suffering from Hyper Thyroid, they have not yet diagnosed the cause.  Day and night her heart is pounding at 130 plus beats a minute….Sheis shedding the kilos quickly, she is in the rare 2 or 3 % that is not responding to the medications….

For all of us in Amma’s family who know of her, she is a darling and dear sister, daughter, neice, grandaughter, friend, and big sister….we ardently and urgently seek your prayers on her behalf.   Prayers work, is a photo of my little darling one that she just sent me, taken by her cell phone.

Well, although I try to claim geekhood, I can’t get it to work.  Link siad he will get it up as soon as he gets a chance….

Please pray for Gabrielle

Please pray for Gabrielle

You see, she’s a beautiful beautiful  little girl…

Loving you,

Kamala Aunty….

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