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April 15, 2008 Link Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

A dear little bird, they are called sunbirds here, has come into our lives. She was a victim of a crow attack and was brought to us a few days ago by some students who rescued her from the fracas in their dining hall.  We feel somehow she is of our Anni.  She is still somewhat of a baby bird. We have named her  Jyoti Joy-joy.  And so she is.  By nature, she eats the juice of flowers and berries, she can hover, her tongue is like a hair – very fine…I think she also eats bugs, for her beak has somewhat of a curve.  As big as the first two joints on our index finger, she has, in an exceedingly short time, adjusted herself to our tiny flat space.  Within five minutes of entry, she was sucking happily through a dropper. She evidences great attachment to the dropper.  It took us three days to find out her name – whenever I looked in the archana book, (our standard naming procedure for beings that come to us in the ashram)  I got the same entry – Om Durgayai Namaha….That is another thing that makes me think she is
of Anni…Anni’s will was sterling steel, harder than diamonds…. while pregnant with her, I kept seeing a tiger in my dreams….In the Hindu pantheon, the tiger is the vehicle of Durga….this little tiny bird has a very strong will.

She is intensely adorable and bright.  She flies to our fingers, lets us cuddle and kiss her, recognizes her name and chirps differently if we call her…just adorable.  She delights in flight, and when she comes to alight on our fingers often swoops and zooms around past, then back to us for the sheer joy of it.  She can flit   very fast….

For a few days at night we put her in a tissue box.  She didn’t like it.  She resisted.  She is so sweet that one hates to do something she does not like…so, now we let her be free at night as well.  Once it gets dark she hunkers down on the lines we have up high for clothes in the kitchenette.  If the light turns on, she wakes up…. As the entire flat is her cage and ours,  we cannot put the fan on, for fear of damage to her…Once she goes to sleep, we turn it on….

A storm has just come in, and she has retired, the skies are dark.  The unseasonable rains in Kerala are causing havoc to the rice crops…that’s another whole story, a tragic one, with Farmer’s committing suicide, right up the road as they cannot get help or harvesting machines in time to bring in their hard labored crops….Link has been hoping to get out and help bring in the paddy with other concerned students, but politics are obstructing their efforts while food for thousands of people literally rots in the fields….at time like these, it does really seem that madness runs the planet…then a little Jyoti Joy-joy comes into our life, like a life-line to the REAL and TRUE in the creation…..

I’ll ask Link to put some photos of her up….
Loving you,
Kamala Anni Link and Jyoti Joy-joy

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  • Jyot Joy says:


    my name ist Jyoti Joy as well.. i was looking at the web for some People with the same name.. ans i found your wonderfull Story… I hope your little bird is well and brings you a lot of JOY:)
    perhaps send me a Pic to my email.. i would love to see my name-mate!

    Regards and warm wishes from an 31 year old half indian women in germany!

    Jyoti Joy Ahluwalia

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