Cell phones and GM foods, our New Year thoughts

January 7, 2008 Link Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and family,

For our New Years thoughts, we have some concerns we want to share with you.  Amma has said that in Krishna’s time,  Descending Dwapara Yuga, the enemies were outside of us.  Now, in the consciousness of Kali Yuga, they are inside us.  In addition to the problems of our own personal character reformation and vigilance,  we now have serious obstacles facing the internal functionings of our body instruments.  Two great threats to the functioning of our bodies are through cell phones and genetically modified (GM) foods.
We  recently watched a documentary on mobile cell phones.   In the USA Scientist Dr. George Carlo was hired by cell phone manufacturers who paid $28 million for a 6 year study on the hazards of cell phones.   The US government has not checked it properly. The FDA (Food and drug administration) says that mobiles are not under its jurisdiction.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) says the medical aspects of this technology do not concern them.  Hence we have an unchecked product.
After extensive research Dr. Carlo’s conclusions were that cell phones
1)Disturb the Brain-blood barrier
2) destroy DNA in cells
3) Cause both benign and malignant tumors and growths
He found it is dangerous also to even hold the mobile while keeping it away from the head, or to even keep it on the body anywhere. He gave his findings and recommendations, which were received without comment or action.  Shortly afterward, his house was burnt to the ground, by an unknown arson.
Meanwhile the US military, not wanting its troops to be damaged by mobile phones paid for research at the Catholic University in Washington DC, where a device was invented that sends out another wave of radiation which prevents cells from being damaged so much.  The cell phone industry will not use this device as it means admitting that the mobiles are very dangerous.
Already many lawsuits are going on against the cell phone industry, and many are dead from mobile phone use.
Additionally, the transmitting towers are very dangerous,  people who work within 4 meters have to fill out radiation reports.
I beseech you all to find alternatives to cell phones, get land lines wherever you are.  Every rupee, dollar, franc, peso, pound, etc. spent on mobile phones makes those industries which are adharmic, stronger.
We watched another film on genetically modified foods.  Dr. Jeffery Smith  – www.seedsofdeception.com has written a book called, Seeds of Deception about the GM industry, and the ways in which the bio-tech industry has moved to serve commerce, rather than human advancement. In the film, Jeffery Smith presents the facts and findings of independent research on GM foods.  He breaks the myth that is supported by lax leaders at the Food and Drug Administration.  That myth is that GM foods are destroyed in the gut by the power or our digestion.  Not the case, which he proves with scientific evidence.  The FDA used to enjoy an almost sacred status, for their vigilance in public health concerns.  Not any more.  FDA leaders rotate positions between the FDA and the Monsanto company, and back again.  Monsanto leads worldwide in GM biotech.   In the collusion between government and big Agri-business, the goal of some seems to be to keep the US the bread basket of the world, the pioneer and leader in technology and
biotechnology.  While this may be part of the forces behind the push of GM foods,, it is really more individual greed.  The guinea pigs are the American consumers and increasingly world wide consumers.  At the time the film was made soy, corn, cotton seed, canola, Hawaiian papaya, some zucchini and crooknecked squashes and all their associated byproducts – high fructose corn syrup, malto dextrin, food additives,etc. all have genetically modified cells… Cows that have been treated with growth hormones have that in their milk, which directly affects human beings growth.   He has found that they are allergenic, toxic, carcinogenic, anti nutritional,  and cause anti-biotic resistant diseases.
Dr. Smith found that since 1999, food related allergies and problems have doubled in the US, directly tied to the timing of commercial production and consumption of GM foods.  He also showed that there are a lot of dangerous potentials, under researched in eating GM foods.  1. the ‘promotor’ factor that alters the chromosomes of the cell DNA  can in our bodies switch on dormant viruses, 2. overproduce allergens, toxins, carcinogens, 3. promote genetic mutation.  Much of this has already been proven, but is being ignored.
There is a huge worldwide campaign to raise consumer awareness about GM foods being organized by a man named Craig Winter www.thecampaign.org  . The goal of this campaign is to ensure that the consumer is aware through labeling of food, as to whether or not it is GM or not. In Europe there is much greater awareness, and food safety concerns are reported in the press, whereas in the US they are not.  Since consumers know what studies have shown, they are using their buying power to ensure that they get wholesome foods.  Americans have been dumbed down and distracted to the point that we are unable to even be that concerned….its alarming…Some of the big companies like Frito lay, hearing the financial warnings of consumer power do not let their farmers grow GM corn  Others like Kraft aren’t intimidated yet.  Again, all of this boils down to who gets the money.  People have power if they are united and stop allowing themselves to be pushed, bullied, conditioned, intimidated into using things which are bad for us.
In this regard, Dr. Smith points to two books which have been powerful forces in social change – The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, which resulted in the meat inspection agencies in the US, and Silent Spring  by Rachel Carson, which raised ecological ethical awareness as to the use of DDT.  Seeds of Deception  may be the next book that really wakes up consumers to demand and effect change.
The studies indicate that the present generation may be the first one to die before its parents.  I won’t go into all the scientific facts that the film presents, but, the presentation on the effects of a school district in Wisconsin which decided to feed students only good foods that were not genetically modified in anyway, were minimally processed and all organic was very revealing   www.gmfreeschools.org     The effort started in one school, in Appleton, WI in 1997 and soon spread to an entire district, and many other schools are now starting it in the US.  Interestingly enough the school administration found that when children were fed wholesome organic foods on a regular basis, the problems the administration was having with the students, rudeness, obnoxious,  disrespectful behaviors, student violence, drugs etc. all completely stopped.  Part of it may be that the students were aware, through the good food, that they were actually meaningful and cared for.  One teacher said, “We’ve got to stop using our
most precious commodity, our kids, to make money.”  These schools are served by www.naturalovens.com
On September 11, 2007,  The Indian government did its own 9/ll and allowed the introduction of GM eggplant or brinjal as it is known up north to be grown.   I don’t known what other foods in India are being affected.  Its very hard to get information about the source of food in India.  We need pure thoughts, but they are hard to come by when our environment and the food we eat are not pure and are changing the genetic messages in our own cells.
These two new technologies have direct and detrimental effects on our health, the ability of our brains to function, and the cells in our bodies to carry on their own normal and necessary processes.  The environmental effect of all of this, the fish in the oceans, the very real threats to nature are another whole huge arena, but we start here, with what we put into our own bodies.  If there is any good news in this, it is that animals, even farm animals, who live lives far from what the creator intended for them, as cows, pigs and chickens,  are able to identify and more importantly, choose to reject  GM foods.   Farmer after farmer in the US,  simultaneously offered their stock, again and again, troughs of GM corn and cotton seed,  and troughs of normal corn and cotton seed.  The pigs, chickens, cows, all consitently chose the normal food, when choice was there.  It only shows, that despite all that we have done to Nature, if we can somehow wake ourselves up and listen to Her, we can avoid poisoning
We are no longer using cell phones, and hence are having a more difficult time to post these blogs. The fire of adharma is scorching the earth. .No country on earth is taking responsible steps to protect their people.   Under these conditions, we, the people, have to protect each other and ourselves.
Loving you,
Kamala, Anni and Link

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  • gabrielle says:

    this is a great and important message that needs to spread fast and wide, i have little time for now but i wanted to mention the anti rad. device that was designed by nicola tesla, ex jugoslavian experimenter, one of the greatest scientists in the last century, the device can and should be applied to all tech. , regarding cellphones computers t.v., and so on, it transforms the radiation waves into warmth of light and dissolves up over 95% of such.
    it is only poss. to get hold of over internet bec. since his lifespan much has been done to hide the revelations he made. , also he was the one who was forced into the philadelphia exp., where a military ship was transplaces from the atlantic to the pacific in a split second, a myth as the media says, was in actual fact a pioneering projec in the capability of man to rip zones in the time space spheres through circular rotation of spools ,where over 22 men never returned from this ship and thier identities deleted. check into him mum, your bound to find some interessting alternatives in the world of communication and energie managing, also protection devises and precious infos!
    i love you lots
    take care to mind heart and soul xxx

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