Our Earth!

October 7, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

We are in Mumbai at Kartik’s place, discussing the Album.  Together we are all going to Ahmedabad where his family lives.  There Link and I will visit the Ashram, and continue the Album work with Kartu and his fiancee Nirali who lives there.

On the way through the clouds this morning, we were astounded and saddened to see that even the cumulus clouds are laced with a tinge of black soot.  There were several low-lying stratus-type clouds, that were completely tan in color.  This condition we saw the entire flight from Kerala to Bangalore (now officially Bengalooru).  After Bangalore, about 20 mins out, the clouds appeared to clear of the colouring, but then we were soon near Bombay.  Viewing the earth from the Sky is like seeing a huge foetus.  When the fluids around the foetus are unhealthy, how can what’s going down  be good inside and on the earth?

It is so clear that we all, the continents as a whole need to begin to hold moratoriums for a day or a weekend at a time, on burning, air, car  and vehicle travel that pollute….that we all need to urgently cooperate together -those that have fasting and giving all that food for those that are not eating… all agreeing that today, this entire town or area will stop all movement in polluting ways….

We don’t need to wait for our governments….

We have to tell you about Shiva, we will as soon as possible – a little boy (18 years) who came to the ashram  looking for work….

No time now, gotta get the train….

Loving You,


2 Responses to “Our Earth!”

  • Link says:

    We are visiting the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati,the first community he started in India when he returned from South Africa in 1915 at age 45.

  • nonamenow says:

    lalala lila, dont conceal the way you feel..
    this world is of the mother one with the father
    all these wordly experiences are as relevant and luminescient as the spiritual relevations we recieve.
    our grand beloved mother Amma is .., to reveal and revive the ancient way of being of light,to forlive a path and guide us, this is AN important time
    listen to her very word
    but even then what do all the holy words we know and all the sacred mantras we use
    do for us if we cannot act upon them?
    give up now the guilt and responsibility of the universe.
    give up the what if’s, or had it been, or had i only done’s
    it is as it is, and there are whole hells of pain and suffering and loss and deprivation on this tiny speck of a planet on the outskirts of the milkyway!
    believe me even if you may not read it from my words my heart is crucified every day out of compassion to this lower world!
    we have the power..
    You have the power, AWAKEN!!

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