Anni’s Karma?

September 15, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

We want to address the concept of ‘karma’ as leading to‘destiny’ in Anni’s death. That our precious Anni died, is, we feel not due to any ‘karma”, but due to our own inability to shake the tree hard enough to find the appropriate people with the actual know-how to help us. In retrospect, our going to NIH was a huge mistake. The doctors there were unable to find or suggest even a diagnosis for 3 months. This with a person who was assumed to be in the final states of severe cancer since February. Not until MAY did we hear the feeble diagnosis! Three months! No other doctor or institution that we approached was even willing to investigate Anni’s situation once they understood that previous investigations had been done by the world re-known experts at NIH! NIH is a sacred cow in American, and perhaps world medical religiosity, so are other institutions: John Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, etc., etc. Three months!!! while my baby suffered more and more. Its so inexcuseable. Our inability to pierce through
that shroud of medical darkness surrounding us was tempered by the day to day needs of Anni as an ailing child, our need to try to make her comfortable, to try to meet her immediate crises, to be there for her as her Mother and brother.
Finding the Gerson therapy, was a godsend to us. It seemed like pure common sense. We hunted it up on internet, looking for pros and cons. We found a lot of places claiming to use the Gerson Therapy, along with things that we felt were total quackery. Finally, we found the actual Gerson Therapy, started by Dr. Max Gerson. When we called the institute in CA, they told us that although they had copyrights on the Gerson Therapy name, they did not have the funds to spend on legal instigations to ensure that others did not use and abuse their name and reputation. Anyhow, the institute now operates in CA, has a 70 bed clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, that is totally dedicated to carrying out the Gerson Therapy. At their clinic, they have trained medical doctors, who know how to apply to therapy to each individual case.
We desperately wanted Anni to go to the clinic in Tijuana and be under the medical doctors there. She was rejected by the Gerson doctors because NIH had found something abnormal looking in her brain, although it did not appear to be cancerous (from the spinal lumbar puncture tests performed on her, which were to leave her right leg twisted inward for some time ) nor infectious. Because of these results, the Gerson hospital would not take her, as once the immune system is restored to full activity, the body intelligence goes after anything abnormal, including scar tissue, old injuries, etc. They feared that Anni could possibly have a brain seizure, and were not ready to take that chance, with their more limited hospital functions.
Since we could not get Anni into the hospital there, we tried our best to approximate those conditions in the home. We got the books, videos, the Gerson Caregiver, – Shirley Tice, the veggies, the coffee, the Norwalk juicer, etc., etc. We began doing the coffee enemas. The problem was, we did not have a real doctor, versed in the Gerson Therapy to see us through. To take and examine blood tests, accurately prescribe the mineral and enzymatic supplements, etc. to see and examine Anni on a daily basis. Dr. Gerson was very particular with each patient, as his book, A Cancer Therapy;Results of fifty Cases (title also states: The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy; A summary of 30 years of Clinical Experimentation) shows. My god, did we need a real doctor! A doctor that could think and use common sense and the Gerson Therapy! We tried to contact a Dutch medical doctor, named Vogt, successfully using the Gerson Therapy in Holland but, he did not return our calls.
Applying the therapy in our haphazard and ignorant way, we still saw small improvements in Anni for some of those efforts. The coffee enema that she received was one area. For a while, she was doing them 4 x a day. We also began doing them once a day, and noticed a big improvement in our overall health and mental skies.
That the most precious and radiant being in our family, our irreplaceable Anni is gone, is not, we feel ‘karma’. but a tragic accident, brought about by people who were unconcerned, and/or wedded to their way of thinking and what their understanding of what ‘real’ medicine is, rather than seeking anything that would work for her. That we, her Mother and Brother were unable to disengage enough from the situation to shake the tree was due to our own emotional response which was overwhelming….we did not have the mental equanimity in that situation to see clearly where we needed to go. By grace we found the Gerson place, but did not have the shraddha or attentive alertness to get her into it. Had we, we would have omitted the brain tests done at NIH in the medical files sent to the Gerson doctors. As her Mother, I know that there was nothing in her brain to be worried about. She would have been accepted at the hospital, and everything would be different right now….
We do not understand or accept the explanation of ‘karma’ as it has been presented to us. We do not feel it was Anni’s destiny to die. It was to live, recover from cancer, and share with the world the secrets of healing through nutrition and detoxification, all in loving interrelationship with the whole earth and one another. She wanted to regain her health, finish her MBBS, and find out the local means and methods for conducting the Gerson Therapy in different climates and conditions throughout the planet. She had an innate interest in biology, chemistry and botany, that would have carried her forward to do so. Just seeing someone of such radiance and intense beauty would have inspired thousands to take a more responsible attitude towards their own health and healing. We are sure of it.
For us, to think that it was Anni’s ‘karma’ to die, is just as hokey as accepting that any of the hereafter and cosmological fables, of any particular religious persuasion are actually real. In our understanding, all of these concepts only exist here, in the place of name and form. They are to comfort, give solace and encourage acceptance for the beings left in the place of name and form. They are irrelevant where Anni is. What we are sure of though, is that our human potential is greater and stronger than any ‘karma’. From this perspective, we lean towards the Marxist idiom, ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’. When we think that it was her ‘karma’ ( and I just want to spit that word out ) we feel crushed, hopeless, innervated. We don’t feel a shred of comfort in such a gruesome, depressing, negative thought. Her destiny was to live and love, and be here now. That this has not happened is a gross example of the human ignorance that surrounded her on all sides, including our own. We had our
feelers out, we had our instincts going, but ultimately, we trusted too much in those outside of us.
We have no choice but to accept that she has died. We cannot change that. It’s a miserable fact. Human destiny is in our hands. None of us is limited to some idiotic fantasy of a pre-written script! We will never accept that! Human potential is far greater. As Holy Mother Amma says, proceed with great caution and alertness. We were not able to. We have the duty now, to assume the burden of her work, from the triad of our family, her way to love the human race, which we see through earth ethics in public health, through the joy in music and art. We will not be able to do the beautiful work and make the contribution to human welfare that she was meant to, through her studies and applications of the ways and means for healing and guiding public health through preventive means. Those of you who can, please join us somehow, in spreading her love through alertness and awareness of health issues, means and methods for preventive care. If anyone has the medical background and sincere interest to
persue and further advance the studies done in cancer therapy through the common sense scientific principles as those found in the Gerson Therapy, please do so. It will be a boon to mankind.

Loving you,
Kamala Aunty and Link

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  • Neemy says:

    I refute the karma concept .“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”- Quote by Teilhard de Chardin . And the divine spirits never die, Anni is a blessed soul.

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