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August 11, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,
 Again we feel we need to set the record straight. Apparently, a lot of the blog is being put into personal emails, embellished, forwarded, etc. A lot of distortion is happening. I will only address one that we have heard here, although we are told there is much more. A few weeks before Anni died, Link was at San Ramon, Lakshmi, who lives with Amma spoke to him and said that, ‘Amma had said many years ago, that Anni is an angel and that Angels don’t live too long’. We mentioned this in the blog. This was taken, embellished, and even retold to us, that years ago we were all three working below Amma’s house, fixing up the darshan hut cot, and Amma looked out her window, called Lakshmi, and said that Anni is an angel and angels don’t live more than 18 years. Until we reached here, we didn’t know all these distortions were going on.
 When we were in Washington, DC, less than 3 weeks after Anni passed, Lakshmi sent word that she wanted to see us. In that visit, she mentioned the incident with Link in San Ramon. She had, in San Ramon, told us that “Amma had said many years ago, that Anni was an angel, and that angels don’t live very long.” Now, in DC, Lakshmi told us that actually, Amma had said it at that time itself, in San Ramon, June, 2007. The “many years ago” clause Amma had told Lakshmi to add in, even though Amma only said it last June. Lakshmi said that Amma had wanted to prepare our minds for the possibility of Anni passing. Hopefully this will clear up all the rumors.
 Now this may seem like a small or irrelevant thing to be concerned about. People perhaps prefer the fantasy to the fact. To us the truth is relevant, as it gives us insight into how Amma is dealing with us, how a person who is trying to bring the mind to light and truth is working. So, small, truthful details are important. For us, whatever Amma is, right now, the way she is, is fine. We don’t feel a need to see or present her in any other way than as she is. Why say she wears a sari, when it is a full long sleeved dress with a half sari? There is a relevance in the seemingly small truth of what she wears. It needs our understanding. Not making, or manufacturing her into something that she is not. Why embellish it into something that it isn’t? Why isn’t the way she is, the way she says things, just fine as it is? It really rankles our hearts to bear witness to the huge distortion of her physical image through photographs, her words, her values going on from so many sides…The goal is to understand. How can we really understand without knowing the truth, even in small things?
Now, we felt a small degree of comfort at the time in hearing the San Ramon statement… ‘years ago’. It was probably to give us that comfort that Amma said that, so we would feel that she was knowing, watching and observing Anni for a long time…It is, however, also helpful to us, in understanding our inner relations with Amma to know the truth of the matter as we heard in DC. I mean, she’s one busy mother, with billions of children… yet she knows each one of us in certain ways, to an amazing degree…we find truth to be very important in guiding our minds to the right understanding. If some prefer the fantasies, fine, OK, but we wanted to set the record straight, as far as we are able…
On we go, through the fog…
Loving you,
Kamala, Anni, Link

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