July 24, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

We are back here in MD, at Uncle Jeff and Grandma’s house after a 10 day visit to CT and Boston areas, where we attended Amma’s program and retreat in Marlboro, Mass. We stayed at Priya Raji and Uncle Vaidya Atree’s home in Salem CT, where we first began attending weekly satsangs in CT back in 1997. . Now the weekly satsang is held at her Sister Renuka’s family – Uncle Shridhar and daughter Viday’s home for the past several years. Its a satsang group that meets once a week, does archana, sings bhajans, and eats together, out of love for Amma. Its a heart satsang, not part of the ‘official’ network. Everyone participates, gets to lead a bhajan, and offer the lamp during the arati. It has more than quadrupled in size since we began going in 1997. It is hallmarked by inclusiveness and love, as well as a subtle thread of Vedic culture, and delicious foods… In many ways, the satsang becomes a big support group for ‘living in that effort’ eg. in the spirit of ‘ashram’ throughout the week, as the emotional and material needs of the members are often addressed with loving concern by Raji and family. We went to satsang and met the newer members on Saturday. It is hard to be around hearts that care deeply…we share the great loss.

We visited the house where Anni was born and grew up till 9 years of age….it was sad. The property has been neglected, and many of the things that she had dreams about – certain lilac bushes being taken down, etc., were proven true. Big trees have fallen, and a large hall we had once built to house a school or a darshan is in sad shape….

We saw Amma in DC and in Boston. What to say? We feel very sad. There is a thrumming joy in a mother’s heart that plays always inside when our children are alive, no matter how great the other miseries may be. Death shows us its music was there.

We have uploaded some pictures of our last days in California at San Ramon and with Sarah at Marin park, north up the coast from San Francisco. In Boston, we met Murali- see the photo album…over the years we have worked on lots of songs for Amma together. He is an amazing child prodigy in flute. He wants to help with Anni’s album. Hearts that love Anni are homes for us. We can relax there, in them.

We are now trying to prepare for departure to India August 2., although I haven’t seen the tix yet.

For Link and I now, the rest of our lives is preparation for leaving. We only want to do things to spread the ideals of our little family that our precious Anni embodied to perfection, to know, find and connect to her in everything everywhere.

If Link can scan them in, we will put up some newpaper photos of all of us taken when Anni was a very young girl and some other photos, that we found here of Anni before we went to India.

Note from Link: Everything’s up there in the Photo Album:

Our Anni

Loving you all,

Kamala Aunty, Anni (always) and Link

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  • naveen says:

    Namah shivaya amma and brother

    Amma’s naveen

  • Meenakshi says:

    Dear Kamala and Lincoln,

    You only met me once in Amritapuri as we watched on the floor, one of the “Live’ Devi Bhava’s. I saw from a distance Annika and Lincoln grow-up. I have been praying and following the news and because i was traveling, received the news of Annika’s passing only now…my heartfelt condolences for your loss of such an angel.
    What an incredible person Annika was!!! I am in awe of your story as a family and just wanted to thank you for sharing so much. A great teaching indeed…her life
    and yours!

    At 27, I was racked with a mysterious disease that caused excruciating body pain and constant migraines/headaches for 9 years…I lost everything and was completely disabled. Devananda has helped me to be 85% better now. Although I was not terminal I was often surprised to wake up alive, in disbelief that the body can endure so much without dying. Pain is the greatest of teachers and although relentless in it’s grip, forces us to cling to the Source. How blessed that your family clung to Truth, Love and Beauty. My mother, Ambika, can certainly understand the agony of having to see your daughter in so much pain…she lives in Los Angeles now. I am temporarily in Prague after living in Amritapuri for 2 years. We have been with Amma since 1987 and so if you would ever like to chat we are here. (

    The Tale of Grace, like a Kosmic Comet, will be forever felt…

    Warmest of Hugs and Deepest Respect for you all…

  • maria says:

    Dear kamala and link,

    I am very happy to see you again here. I did know if you wanted to come here so soon. You are great and strong. Have a nice trip back.

  • Anonymous says:

    We will be so happy to have you back here. As you said, the remaining years of our lives are only a preparation for that great journey when we will be able to merge with Amma, with whom Anni is already united.

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