That Hari Baba

June 28, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

Hari Baba was amazing in Anni’s last days and hours.  He took to lying down with her on the bed,  yet seemed very aware that she was in horrific pain in every cell.  There were times when he bit both her and me.  We were aghast, and I wanted to exile him, but, all things on this earth can bite, and we have been bitten by most people we know, yet, we still go on with them…so on we went with him…

He has shown us his broad and wise nature in many ways, even playing with Sarah’s dog, Charlie, in a tough chase and circle game, in which he maintained total control.

The day Anni passed, he lay down underneath her bed on the floor, beneath her head.  The morning after her body was removed from the flat here,  he came in through the patio doors, and saw that Link and I had slept in the living room.  He looked at us.  At first, he would not go into the room that Anni had died in.  He toured around, then sniffed the flowers that dear ones had brought us.  Very Deliberately.  He sniffed the roses and carnations singlely.  Then he walked out, and for the first time, we heard him crying as he walked away. Loud, distressed, sad cries.

He has come back every day since,  it seems he understands that we will be gone soon.  He never eats, only drinks water here.   A true heart, which understands, and feels, gives solace.  We are grateful for his self-generosity with us.

Hari Om,
Kamala Aunty.

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