Anni’s Funeral Service

June 25, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,

Anni’s Funeral is going to be at 1pm on Monday (today), at the Rose Lawn Crematorium, in Livermore, CA.

1240 N Livermore Ave.
Livermore, CA 94551

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  • Aishwarya says:

    Om Namah Shivaya
    MAy Anni be with Amm Always…

  • EIKO,Vandana and Nietha says:

    ~ Om Amriteswariyai Namah~

    Dearest our sister Anika.
    Our Anika being into our heart….

    Not good bye, See you again.

    May Amma greatful Bless Anika…..

    ………with beautiful tears,

    Prabhulla ,Vandana, Nietha and Amaya.

  • Dear Kamla
    Om namah Shivah
    Today I received the sad massage of Annica’s passing
    away here in Holland.
    I am praying for the eternel peace of her soul and am
    convinced all is well with her because she has been
    carried by Divine Mother herself.
    It is impossible to imagine the suffering she had to
    undergo and also you and your family.
    I admire the way you have looked after her and pray
    God will help you to accept this tremendous loss.
    May we meet soon in Amritapuri!
    Love Purnima

  • Astha says:

    Dear Kamala and Linc,
    Me and my family received the shocking message yesterday i.e. 25th june.

    I somehow cannot believe it………I guess because I still feel she’s between us and she’ll always be.

    Can’t express my feelings in words……….tears says it all!!!!

    Anni, we will love you forever and for always.

    Take care Kamala…….I know its hard but not impossible…..
    May Amma Bless All!!!!

  • corey and vandita says:

    dear friends,
    we are so sorry to have heard about the loss of your beloved Anni.
    you are in our thoughts, and though all will miss Anni, she is safely in the embrace of our mother.
    jai ma

  • Kathleen says:

    Love and Light forever to Anni…healing to those who knew her and love her. Jah Bless.

  • rashmi says:

    may her soul rest in me nd may she always be there with amma nd shell be always there in our hearts

  • rashmi says:

    rest in peace

  • Uma and Dev says:

    Yesterday morning i wanted to pray for Annika and I did not know that she has passed.When i thought of her i felt beautiful light and joy and i wondered that she must be doing well. Only later i heard she has left her body. I felt sure she is well and happy with Mother. Lots of love from Uma and Dev

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