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June 24, 2007 Linkesh Diwan Amma's Grace

In her last day of Math Class, Anni wrote a song.  She also made a tune for it, and a friend made it into a very beautiful song.  It embodies everything she was praying for…  Here are the lyrics:

Green Grass, Blue Skies 


Green Grass, Blue Skies,
In this beautiful World.
One Lord, One Love,
Has created it So.
Cant we Love each other?
Fill this place with Harmony?
One Time,
Let’s Try! May it happen today…

Verse 1:

Mountains, Valleys,
On our sweet planet Earth.
One Love, One God,
Has created it So.
Everywhere beauty abides,
Singing aloud the glory of Thee.
Fields and Rivers,
Alive with your sweet song of Day…

Verse 2:

Strive for
The Wonder Of Wonders,
Who has made it So.
Love Her, With All your Heart,
And all the People will Know…

5 Responses to “Anni’s Message”

  • Aishwarya says:

    Om Namah Shivaya..
    Such a beautiful lyrics written by Anni…im sure her voice is as beautiful as Her..
    If u can only, pass on any song sung by Anni to my id…(pl only if ull can n if ull have sum time) v can also get that oppourtunity to hear the songs sung by our Angel…
    i havnt seen Anni..neither have heard nething frm Her…so i will really be happy if ull could send me her songs..(pl do it only if ull r free)
    My id is
    Amma’s always,
    Namah Shivaya

  • Nancy C. says:

    Such a beautiful & pure heart!

    You should show these words to Amma, it might become one of Amma’s new bhajans! Im sure Anni would be so happy to hear the Divine Mother signing her song!!!

    With Love & all my respect

  • aum says:

    Anni, you did express the love fullest
    With a song that lights even the dull heart

    May your soul dance out in bliss
    On the Divine Lap of AMMA, the Divine Love

    Yours in AMMA’s Love

  • naveen says:

    namah shivaya, amma and linki
    I am totally shocked by seeing the message today, i miss anni so much. She was very close friend of mine, a nice girl with a kind, loving, caring heart. Amma and myself will really miss her a lot. I feel her today also, not only today every moment she is very close to me. Amriteshwari amma bless her pure soul.

    Why amma did this to her, she should have given all her (anni’s) sufferings to me, seriously kamla amma i miss her a lot, in my every breath she will be there. She is one of my good friend forever.

    Amma i don’t have any words to say because i can’t be able to write more, i can’t stop my tears more.

    Take care amma and linke, miss u both a lot.

    From ur third son amma
    luv u amma and brother

  • sangeeta Salian says:

    Amma Amtriteshwari Namahaa..

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