Left in San Ramon

June 19, 2007 Anand Amma's Grace

Dearest friends and family,

Our sweet Lord has left san Ramon. I am sending this via our dear friend Anand over the phone as we still don’t have a computer or internet.
After Devi Bhava, we got behind the curtains with Amma and she asked for everyone in our ashrams to pray for Anni.

I somehow feel that the situation requires tremendous support. Please feel free to inform all your friends, parents, other religious congregations, and to form groups. People who can pray with wringing hearts for Anni.

It somehow feels to me that she needs a very wide circle of spiritual support in order to survive this ordeal and remain with us here on Earth.
I don’t know how to beat the drum or blow the trumpet, but it must be done. Please feel free to print out pages of the blog if you feel it’d be useful, and
leave them in places for requests for prayers for her safety, well being and survival.

Today has been Anni’s worst day to date. Her body is racked with pain. Her heart beat has gone from 60 to over 130, up and down, back and forth. Along with that has come tremendous clutching and crushing pains in her chest. She seems pre-heart-attack to me. Her other body pains that were tremendous before the heart problems began over a month ago, have again come into vogue.

Today she told me there was a new pain in the liver area which she found stabbing and excruciating the entire day. She is extremely weak, unable to pour her own toilet water or sit up in the wheelchair for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Or hold her head up for any length of time. Dizziness, blurry vision… it’s been a terrible terrible day.

While giving her a sponge bath, I noticed that her ribs were sticking out like blades. It makes me wonder how her skin can hang on without getting sliced by such sharp angles. This must be the cachexia—the wasting away of the body that can occur in cancer cases.

But, the good news is Amma told her how important it was for her to eat and to drink the vegetable and fruit juices and today Anni ate two bananas, one peach, one nectarine, one apricot, one bowl of oatmeal, one bowl kanni with paneer, and a little curd, and some tomato. Along with 8 (8 ounce) glasses of vegetable juice. But the coughing doesn’t stop and each paroxim of coughing brings consequent chest pain as well as stops her from resting.
I can’t tell you how urgent I feel this is that all of us must inform as many people as possible that there is an angel named Anni who loves God and needs everyone’s prayers in order to be able to stay on this Earth.

Please help. The battle is far from being won. We do not understand God’s ways but maybe the small token of selflessness on the part of many for this sweet child is something that God needs to know human beings are capable of as we approach the result of massive adharmic action on the planetary level.

I don’t understand it. Just my gut instinct says we need a planet (or at least a percentage, or maybe just a drop in the ocean) crying for God’s mercy if Anni is going to be able to stay.

Amma told me that she is Anni’s mother. I have been priviledged to play the role of mommy with Anni, and I love that role. I should always want to be her mommy. Nonetheless, I don’t understand what things she and Amma have planned or are planning. I only know that I do not want the song that is my Anni’s life to leave this Earth for a long time to come.

I feel her life song will make this earth a more beautiful place. Thursday is coming—let us pray, let us fast, let us inform as many others and create as many groups together praying. Let us not wait until thursday—let us start now. Please tell everyone you know, or meet about Anni and her need for prayers to stay on this Earth. It was our lord Amma who said “all of us will heal Anni.” We have to make it come true.

“Group chanting and prayer is very powerful. It can change anything.” — Amma

Loving you all, Kamala [and Anand]

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  • hridya says:


    we all r praying for anniiiiiiiiiii.

  • Aishwarya says:

    Om NAmah Shivaya
    May Amma Bless Anni..

  • Divya says:

    Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! . . .

  • sudharsan says:

    Namah Shivaya,
    Link, Anni & kamala ji,
    You may not know me but i know you and have seen you all in the ashram here. I am a brahmachari in the ashram. Lets all do one more archana everyday for Anni. The Divine mother is always benevolent and will shower Her grace. Nothing better than chanting & singing Her praise and praying for Her compassion. Anni will get well

    In Amma

  • Humble Worm says:


    I just wanted to write in to say I have been following Anni’s story on this blog. I also pray for her recovery everyday.


  • Maneesha says:

    Yesterday we have told AMMA about Anni’s state. But I cannot see any change in AMMA’s face. I expected a sad face which I really dont want to see. But on the contrary I saw a confident face, which gave me the impression that AMMA is fully taking care of Anni’s life. By Yesterdays AMMA’s reaction I really felt it very heavily. AMMA is not going to leave ANNI. She will be with us to serve the world.

    But Anyway we will all put our part to pray for her, our AMMA’s litle daughter….

  • Sanatani says:

    Beloved Ones,

    You are ever in our thoughts and prayers. Today, on the Summer Solstice, Marty, Prasad and I will be doing a Puja and Homa for Anni, and for both of you as well.

    May Her Grace be your only Truth; Her Presence, your only Reality. May her Heart be your refuge; may Her Feet be your anchor.

    In Her Love Always,

  • vidya & vinisha says:

    Aum Amriteswaryai Namah:

    Annika got Amma’s grace alot,
    She is really… blessed one. We don’t know, how we expressed herself. She is an Angel…..

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