Amma Said…

June 15, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Dear Friends and Family,

Just got back from Seeing Amma…  I told Her that Anni’s vision was blurred, and that her heartbeat had slowed but was fluctuating wildly.

Then I asked Her if I could bring Anni to Darshan, as she wanted to come urgently.

Amma said “Dont bring her in the morning…  My arms feel lifeless when I see Her.  Also, she should not be in crowds, as people with this type of disease are claustrophobic.”

Since the breathing thing began, Annika has told me that she felt claustrophobic in crowds.  We never told Amma about this.

So Amma knows all about “this disease,” whatever it is!  It is a immense relief to know that the greatest Doctor in the universe is working on Anni…

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  • Aishwarya says:

    Om Namah Shivaya
    May Amma Bless Anni..

  • sridhar says:

    I was there watching webcam in Amritapuri.

    Anni seems exausted.

    Let’s pray for her.

    Just a few lines for Anni from a brahmachari brother sridhar …

    When Om Kali name rings over all around

    God of death fears even to near the door of entrance

    Let’s sing AMMA, AMMA, AMMA dancing rounds

    Invoking the peace of AUM and remain in blissful trance …

    With Love

    Br. Sridhar babu

  • Divya says:

    Om Namah Sivaya

    Hi Anni, Kamala, and Lincoln,

    I’m relatively close, but far away. Sorry I haven’t been of any practical help. Soon I leave for hip surgery (July 3rd in Belgium). I pray for the highest good for all of you. May Anni abide in That. “No Need for Soup, its not That.”

    In Amma, Divya

  • gabrielle says:

    my dearest ones
    home is where thei heart is and their it can be free
    to dwell in the light of the one i believe
    home is where thei heart is etenally…
    amma is our hearts home..needless to say
    and will go all conceptions will hold so tight
    any question of wrong and right
    and to fight against evil will bring no good
    and the walls you relie on will come falling down
    now you will see
    reveiling the delecet center within
    will relieve and you will see

    so many to you known hearts and unknown are praying and visualising a cont gown of love and the brightes loght i n name of amma and many in forms and names covered great soul,
    when a purification process is thundering through the bodies all is shaken, all is shaken

    she, beloved anni IS well, and will be brighter and lighter than every before,once this is barred off ehr back.
    all are with you.we are all with you
    beloved beautiful faced souls
    i love you

  • vaishnavi fantuzzi says:

    God God Now
    God God Peace
    God God Love
    God God Now
    God Love Anni Anni God Love

    Aum Namah Sivaya
    love you
    in every breath, thought & action…..Anni, Amma, Anni, Amma
    SRI KRISHNA! Show your true nature to Anni

  • deepika says:

    dearest anni


  • rashmi says:

    hi anni we love u very much nd all our prayers nd blessings r with u

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