Pray for the Doctors

March 21, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,
On Friday the Doctors are having a meeting to discuss all of their findings, the results of the tests, etc.  In this meeting they are going to decided what they think of Annika’s illness.  So far, they have not found anything that they are 100% sure of, so whatever it is, it probably won’t fit into the studies going on at NIH, which means that we would have to go elsewhere.  Of course, there are more tests to run…

Basically, Annika’s illness is beyond the scope of Modern Medicine.

Everybody, please pray that Annika’s cancer goes away of its own accord.  Let us hope that Anni has overcome all of her prarabhda that requires her to go through hospitals…  Pray that she no longer has to suffer through treatments and diagnostics; that the Maha-Doctor takes charge and fixes things the truely right way…
Thank-you all so much for your love and prayers…

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  • Pranada says:

    Vivek, my husband, and I were looking at Amma’s movie “Darshan” (the French one) and we saw you in it! Did you know you were in that movie? It’s the part where they start showing clips of North Indian tour, or maybe south…, and in the background you’re talking to one of the brahmacharinis for a while, then an auto-rickshaw drives by and you cover your face because the “wonderful” fumes were overwhelming, I’m sure! hehe Just think Anni, you’ve been seen in movie theaters all over the world! I hope this cheers you up, hon. Our archanas are still going strong here in the ashram, and we all send our love!

  • Abhayada says:

    I just thought I would give you a website on natural healing. If the medical side is not going to be able to help it won’t hurt to check this out. Many people have healed themselves of all different kinds of diseases by detoxing, using herbs and juicing. I have been using this program for years. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I just got back to the US from Amritapuri last week. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Jai Ma!

  • Avinash Joshi says:

    We are all with Ani and praying for her…….

    Dont u worry Anni…….

    We will suerly see you back in form…………..

  • scandy says:

    dont worry… Amma will definitely take care…. we are all praying… The Lord cant just ignore it…. lotts of love to everyone there… :))

  • Tara says:

    Dearest, darlingest, little angel Anni,

    You are always, always in all our prayers. We pray so hard that Amma takes out all the bad cells in your body. I had sent a long message to the earlier blog but obviously it didnt get posted. I’m just not computer savvy enuf! :o(
    So happy that you are in a great medical facility which is also so supporting and loving. So glad u r eating tasty fruit pie!! Also Rosa must be so happy to see you!!
    I had seen one of the Dalai Lama’s tibetan doctors here and I told him about your illness. He said he would give you tibetan medicines. He needs results of the following tests
    CT /MRI scan
    Ultra Sonogram Abdomen
    Histopathological test report
    Chest Xray (lungs)
    Please send the other test results also. These medicines have cured people with even the most advanced of cancerous conditions. In Madras, they practise in a place that has been donated to them by a man Gopalachari, who had terminal cancer 12 years ago. The allopathic doctors at that time had given him 6 months to live. A friend asked them to try the tibetan doctors and their medicines. Gopalachari is now 72 and hasnt had one cancerous cell in his healthy body for the past 12 years! These tibetan medicines work really well.
    Anni baby, get well soon and come back quickly to Amritapuri. You have to be there to look after all the pigeons and ashram animals!
    Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you

  • ananthasree says:

    Sending you lots of love and keeping you close in my prayers to Amma.

    Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

  • Komal Kapoor says:

    Dear Kamala ji,
    All i know is that GOD has immaticulate way of doing/solving things, which is beyond our comprihension sometimes. I am very sure GOD, whether it is a he or she, has some good plan for Anni also. He is going to cure her in the best possible way. We just need to keep praying.
    Miracles do happen and one will happen with Anni also. GOD is very kind and can never see his children in pain. We all are there with you in spirit and prayer.
    Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu!!

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