Rumors, Rumors

March 16, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Dearest Friends and Family,
It has come to our attention that there are lots of wild RUMORS about Anni which we want to address,and get out of the AIR!!!!

Darling brothers and sisters, know that our precious and beautiful Lord,our Amma, is showering Her grace upon Anni and all of us. By Her grace alone, and through your prayers we were able to get Anni medical insurance – Medicaid, in 25 minutes,and Anni did not even have to be present! By Her Grace Alone, I am writing this to you from the private hospital room that is Her Grace to us, at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, possibly the abolute best hospital in the world… it’s a research place, that leads the world in new methods for treatement of many physical ailiments. That we got in here, is Her grace. For all the tremendous explenditure, the most modern diagnostic scans, studies, tests,etc, for the hospital room, the endless supplies of paper and disposible products and linens, etc, there is no charge to us. There are teams of doctors involved in each and every decision and direction made for Anni…  This is surely all Her Grace… is it not?  The doctors display very little ego, they are considerate,patient,the staff and nurses are all cheerful and optimistic…one night, I was crying to Amma that we were so far away even from Her devotees, and then we found out that the nurse is a Tibetan Buddhist Nun of 15 years standing!

We urgently need you all to have optimistic FAITH that Anni will be well, to pray intensely with positive feeling… one Christian African American friend of ours that we met here – a very great heart, who has tremendous faith in God, in one of her great prayers with us to Jesus, she said, “forgive us for our disbelief, for doubting you…”

We who have the great priviledge of knowing Amma, we live with the Christ… how can we feel that anything wrong will happen to Anni?

There are times, as a mother, I can’t bear her suffering…  When we first came, and saw the first Dr. A., and he outlined an aggressive plan of attack against what he thought was probably cancer in her body, I felt really sick at heart…  when she was heavily doped up with morphine the last few days, I felt really sick…  It depresses her spirit, stops the normal function of her bowels, changes her sweet personality, irritates her… and all that is stressful… we are people who never took so much as an aspirin,who worked vigorously, no matter what colds, fever or aches we had… people who love fresh air… if I have cried on your shoulder, and made you sad, realize it is only my limited mother’s view and tears… at times I need to share my pain, and seek your solace and understanding. Forgive me, if it has overwhelmed you. Know that my – really, our Anni has also another One who is not only her Mother, but her Lord, and the Love of her Life – our Amma… how can anything go wrong for her?

I only wish that all sick people could get such opportunities, could have such positive help at trying times in their lives. I wish we could bring our beloved Bombay Acchan here, and have him all loved up by the saip doctors and nurses…. That would be fun, and maybe there would be a way to make him better! I pray that the opportunities afforded to us by Gods Grace will be there for many other people as well… I wish I knew how to make it so. I hope that NIH becomes Amma’s personal institution, and that we figure out a way to get the knowledge and skills available here, available to all,and to AIMS…

So know, our darling beloved Family in God, that Anni is in great hands. Be positive about her healing, and our return to your hearts and eyesight! We have so much more that we want to do with you all! So many songs to sing, so many ways we want you to know we love you all – so,be happy, and know that Amma is healing Anni, and pray with optimism!

Remember to have optimistic faith, enthusiasm and keep joy in your hearts!
Loving you intensely,
-Kamala, Anni and Link

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  • Priyanka Venkatesh says:

    Ever since I have heard about annika i include her in my prayers. I have firm belif in Amma and know that she wont leave us alone. I know Annika will be back fit and fine and I wish to see her in vallikau. Om namah shivay. Priyanka

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