Day 8

February 28, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Our room is in a building that is built in such a way that the sunlight does not ever approach the window, so around 8am (I thought it was hardly 6) we all woke up. The meeting with Dr Pavithran was scheduled for 9am, so we all scrambled.When we got to Dr Pavithran’s office, he was on rounds, so we waited in the lobby. He came quite soon, just as we were about to split up on errands!

Dr Pavithran was a very fast spoken man. He was very helpful. During the meeting, Uncle Jeff tried to talk to him about alternative treatments, and other drugs, and he listened and told us that here in AIMS they could use newer drugs, but as they weren’t available on the market in India, they would have to be imported, most likely from the US. He said that if we could get it any way possible, it could be used. I heard theft and smuggling, but he mentioned trial distributions and samples…

While we were there, he called the Histology lab, and got us a tentative reward for the stabs of yesterday: the report was almost inconclusive. Out of seven slide smears, only one showed any cells besides blood. From the few cells that they saw, they could not say what it was, but concluded that it was probably a Wilms tumor, which is much easier to treat than RCC. This however, wasn’t sure, so they wanted to take out the Kidney to get good cell specimens. With Amma’s Grace, Dr Sanjay wasn’t here, so the Kidney removal couldn’t be done today.
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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