Amma Says What To Do

February 28, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

After we had called and amassed what seemed to us like an exhaustive list of possibilities, we set about trying to contact Amma. After some confusion in the lifts (we didn’t have range on our floor) we started, and Anni and I came down, leaving everybody else to do the phone calls.Then everybody came in, and we decided to call Swamiji via a landline, in hopes of getting a good connection. We decided to see first if we could call out from our room intercom room, and so rang up the operators. They connected us to Swamiji, who, I guess, was with Amma in the car on the way to Mysore. Swamiji gave the phone to Amma.

Amma spoke to Annika for quite a bit – Annika told her of all our possibilities, Amma ruled out the Ayurvedic, etc. Then Amma asked what uncle Jeff thought (which was to go back to the US) and said to do that. Anni said that Amma was the Maha Doctor… Eventually Amma spoke to Mom, and then to me. To me She asked about college, if I was sad/worried (“How can I not be, Amma?”) and then gave the phone back to Swamiji. We each told Her that we always wanted to be with Her, serving Her…

It’s such a consolation just to hear Her voice…………

So now we are hoping that we have tickets for tomorrow, the first of march, to fly. According to the website, there are 7 seats available, but it wont allow us to book it so late…
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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