Day 6

February 26, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Today I had my Digital Electronics Lab in the afternoon, or I thought I did, and so went off at noon dressed up in the brown uniform for that lab. Of course, when I got there, I found out that the schedule had changed, and we had Metallurgy Lab instead: blue shirt, pants, and sneakers! Great… Luckily, Anoop (who had his foot in a cast) was also caught in the switch, only on the other side, so we exchanged shirts and went off for the lab.The Metallurgy Lab was… well… ok. I was tired, there wasn’t much to do, so I kinda dozed off while my group-mates ground down our piece of mild steel to a fine finish for grain analysis. Of course, they called me at critical junctures…

After the Lab, we found out that we had extra theory class for the electronics lab from 5 to 6pm. I wasn’t planning to go for that, but ended up going somehow. That class was extremely boring, I happened to know most of what the teacher was saying, and what I didn’t know, he emphasized for about half an hour… it was quite a long class, and lasted to 6:30. I was semi-conscious for most of it, and was the first one out. I went straight back home.

When I got there… crisis.

Apparently, in my absence, Dr Ashok had called and was very surprised that we were still in Amritapuri. Apparently, Amma had been talking to him, and had told him that we had to get to AIMS for treatment. From what he told us, I guess Amma told him the same thing She told us in Her room before Sri Lanka – that we should treat it medically. He also said that he had been in touch with Dr Sanjay, and that the two of them were expecting us to be at AIMS by now!

But that was in the evening, so we had to make arrangements to go to AIMS the next day.
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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