Amma Leaves for North India

February 25, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

We went down then came back up, then went down to wait for Amma. Amma didn’t call, we waited at the bottom of Her stairs, When she came down at 10:30, hugged Anni, cried, gave Uncle Jeff a big hug, long hug, said “you’re her uncle?”, went. She was walking across the bridge way.Anni and I ran ahead and positioned ourselves in Acchan’s house, where Amma was sure to stop on Her way. She came and sat down near Acchan, was teasing him, etc. We were standing in a corner of a room there. After about 5 minutes Damayanti Amma was brought in a wheelchair. Amma talked to her, asking her if she remembered anybody’s names, etc. Damayanti Amma’s memory is failing. Every once in a while, Amma glanced in our direction, but I can’t be sure that She was looking at Annika…

When it seemed like She was about to go, Anni and I went out and joined the line, so that Amma would pass by us. However, when She came out, She didn’t see us. I ran to a point later on in the line, She just passed by. Then I followed Her over the bridge (the whole crowd was) and was stuck on the first landing from the bottom on the other side as Amma got into Her car. I jumped over the side into the soft wet sand below, crossed under the bridge, passed Amma’s car and was at a spot where I could meet Her as She passed by, but She didn’t say anything…

And She left.
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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