Uncle’s Room

February 22, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

Well, we mentioned that Uncle Jeff was coming. The people in the International Office have done everything that they can to make the room ready, more than ready. Both beds have been upholstered, towels supplied, room cleaned (Rishikesh even mopped the floor himself), and the bathroom re-vamped.Rishikesh asked us “How western is Uncle Jeff? Will he require a toilet seat?”

Yes. Four hours later, a brahmachari brought up a brand-spanking-new toilet seat, and fixed it on to the toilet.

Later on, Rishikesh asks “Will he need toilet paper, or can he wash?”

Oh God! Almost forgot! Toilet paper! So Rishikesh arranges a roll.

Rishikesh asks “Should I get him the sign; the unhappy toilet-paper-clogged pipe and the happy clog-free pipe?”

Yeah… That’s a good idea. The sign has always been able to convey the “thou may not flush paper” rule.

“Is he going to be ok with the basket for used paper?”

Uuhhhhhhh… We don’t know what to say. One hour later Rishikesh brings good news:

“I’ve got permission for you to flush!”

Karuna and many other friends furnished the room beautifully with books and pictures of Mother Mary and Amma…
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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