Day 2

February 22, 2007 Kamala Amma's Grace

Well, it’s just amazing. Yesterday was an amazing and awesome day. The word that Anni is having this terrible cancer spread like wildfire…we told people coming to the room that we wanted all those who we have had hurts with to come…Amritatmananda came, ( years ago, remember the emails of anger about him?) Bombay Acchan who we have had tremendous Dog fights with – people who had hit Lincoln in the mobbing…so many people…we welcomed them all, with great love and joy and forgiveness. Anni sat up on her cushions looking radiant and full of light…so much community healing took place…people everywhere are praying for Her, doing archanas for her, there are events going on all over for Her health and healing…yesterday there was a non stop stream of people till 10PM coming and loving… We have all ladies put their hands on her, with her head and back aches, She wants to be petted and stroked a lot… I want her to get all the positive loving energy from everyone… The ashram has literally become turned around. Everyone is being more loving to everyone…everyone is united in wanting to see Anni healed and well…and its thousands of people…Last night I ‘saw’ the top layers of the big tumor being burnt off in a fiery red light of love…

We have far to go. We have to burst all the petty boundaries of our hearts, embracing all with love, and we need your love, deepest heart felt love for Anni, for us to continue this transformative and blessed change…we need to change and become love. At this time, I see that all the principles I have been studying with Gandhi and Amma now need to come into practice deeply…

Amma leaves today for Sri Lanka – she has a one day program there.

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