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February 22, 2007 Link Amma's Grace

On Thursday, Amma called us to Her room just before She left for Sri Lanka. I had just returned from my lab session at college, Anni was sitting right next to Amma’s stairs, and Mom was sitting below Amma’s house, outside the crowd. All of a sudden, the message came that Amma was calling us, and we zoomed up Her stairs. Amma was sitting in Her interview chair. There were many people in the room, but we didn’t see any of them…just a blur of white next to a blur of yellow… Amma told Annika “Chirikkalle…” (Don’t Smile!) when she came in. Amma’s eyes were all teary, She seemed so sweetly so sad… We all sat around Amma, and She asked Annika all about it. Annika explained what the Doctors had said – that there was a tumor on her kidney, that it had spread, it was in the bones and the lungs. Amma asked “Cant they just take it out?” and Anni told Her how they had not shown us much hope in that way… The cancer is not just in her kidney, it’s in every bone (or almost every bone) in her body – from her cranium to her toes – and also spread all throughout her lungs. Amma pondered for a while, Her lovely eyes getting larger and larger as She tried to contain Her tears… Finally Amma said “Do what the Dr. tells you.” Then we all mildly protested: “Amma! YOU are our doctor! No-one else! You can to anything…” I told the story from Amma’s satsang of the man who was cured through love… Amma interrupted me mid-way: “Da! Nee Satsang Kettitano Jivikkunu?!” (Da! You’re listening to the Satsang and living?!) We were dumbstruck. Amma said that she says a lot of stories during satsang, She says whatever comes to mind… She never finished the implication, so it remains unapplied. Mom started asking Amma to Change us again…we need it. Finally Amma fed us each a cashew nut and went out of Her room, down the stairs and to Her car.I ran to intercept the Car; many people had told me of a homeopathic healer from Mumbai, also Amma’s devotee, who had healed many from cancer. I had promised to ask Amma about it, and definitely wanted to – homeopathy is so much better than allopathy. But I had forgotten in the room… When I asked Amma, She said no, that this was too advanced for that type of treatment…

I followed Amma’s car all the way to the exit of the ashram.

Back in the room, some friends were doing Archana around Annika. Annika specially asked them not to do the 1000 names, just the 108, because she might fall asleep. After the 108 names, Annika decided to call Dr Sanjay. He said that it would be possible to try and do a biopsy without taking out the entire kidney. They could try to use a syringe to get a core of the tumor, but they might just get blood, and it wasn’t too safe – could puncture the tumor – and we should ask Amma. We got Swamiji’s cell number, and called. He was with Amma in the car. We told him, and he gave the phone to Amma.

Amma said “Mole…” (Daughter…) We explained the new development. Then Amma said “Don’t do anything. When I come back I’ll consult with Dr Ashok and tell you what to do.”

She’s looking after everything. Meanwhile, everybody in the Ashram is doing soo much… Priyankari got Bob to come and take a photo of Anni for Devananda to do distance healing… A Spanish lady has been coming everyday to do long Reiki sessions… The students in the hostel are all doing many prayer sessions throughout the day… Our room has been busier than the grand trunk central station… Everybody has been giving positive energy, thinking positively, loving us, each other… People have been passing around photos of Anni for their archana books… There have been special pujas in the kalari, even in other temples… There has been so much joy all around… People around the globe are praying for Anni… People we don’t even know have made long distance calls to tell us that they are just going to BELIEVE that Anni does NOT have cancer…

Because of living in Amma’s ashram, we have such a large circle of friends all over the world who are praying for Anni, making her better. It makes me wonder about all the people who live in a small obscure village, who have only a small number of people praying for them…
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

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